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Yamaha Batteries

Correct maintenance can improve battery reliability considerably.

Modern Yamaha Motorcycles are very dependent upon their battery for a number of reasons, including the increased number of electrical components. The charging and discharging process is repeated by a chemical reaction between the positive and negative plates. When a motorcycle-battery is not regularly charged (e.g. during winter-time), this chemical reaction will become less and less effective, which leads to poor battery-performance and ultimately, reduced lifetime of the battery.

Keeping a battery charged, for example via a Yamaha YEC charger, helps ensure maximum performance over a long period of time! The Yamaha YEC-40 charger part number: YME-YEC40-EU-00 has a special charge / discharge function to keep the battery ‘alive’ and to some degree, even recover old batteries.

There are also various accessories available, to make it even easier to use this charger, such as the ‘Comfort-indicator’ plug, that gives a clear indication of the status of the battery.

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Check the Yamaha Motorcycles list below, and find your year and model and you can easily order your Battery.

The Yamaha Batteries application list is alphabetical listed by CC:

Yamaha Batteries Application List
Yamaha Motorcycle Information
CC Yamaha Spare Parts Catalog Year Model Code Battery Description
50cc TT-R50E 2006   4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R50E 2007 1P66 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R50E 2008 1P69 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R50E 2009 1P6E 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  DT50LC 2000 3UN7 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  DT50R 2003   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50R 2004   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50R 2005   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50R 2006   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50R 2007   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50R 2008   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50R; X-LIMIT 2002   9079EY000700 BATTERY (YB3L-A)
  DT50RSM 2003   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50RSM 2004   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50RSM 2005   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50RSM 2006   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50RSM 2007   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  DT50RSM 2008   9079R2427800 BATTERY (YB4L-B)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 1998   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 1999   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2000   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2001   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2002   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2003   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2004   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2005   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2006   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2007   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
  TZR50 Full; TZR50 2008   9079R2427900 BATTERY (YT4L-BS)
90cc TT-R90 2003 5HNC 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90E 2003 5HNF 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90 2004 5HNJ 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90E 2004 5HNM 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90 2005 5HNR 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90E 2005 5HNU 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90 2006 5HNW 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90E 2006 3P22 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90 2007 3P25 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R90E 2007 3P28 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
105cc T105E CRYP 1999   9079R2428500 BATTERY (YB5L-B)
  T105E CRYP 2000   9079R2428500 BATTERY (YB5L-B)
  T105E CRYP 2001   9079R2428500 BATTERY (YB5L-B)
  T105E CRYP 2002   9079R2428500 BATTERY (YB5L-B)
110cc TT-R110E 2008 5B63 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  T110 2004   9079R2428500 BATTERY (YB5L-B)
  T110 2005   9079R2428500 BATTERY (YB5L-B)
  TT-R110E 2009 5B67 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R110E 2010 5B6B 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
  TT-R110E 2011 5B6H 4JS821000100 BATTERY (GT4B-5)
125cc DT125R 1998 3RMB; 4DJ8 9079R2428300 BATTERY (YB3L-B)
  DT125R 1999 3RME; 4DJ9 9079R2428300 BATTERY (YB3L-B)
  DT125R 2000   9079R2428300 BATTERY (YB3L-B)
  DT125R 2001   9079R2428300 BATTERY (YB3L-B)
  DT125R 2002 3RMM; 3RML; 4DJB 9079R2428300 BATTERY (YB3L-B)
  DT125R 2004 1D01 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  DT125RE 1998 4DK8 3MB821100200 BATTERY (GM6-4B)
  DT125RE 2005 1D03 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  DT125RE 2006 1D04 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  DT125X 2006 2C82 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  DT125X 2006   5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  SR125 1998 3MW7 9079R2428000 BATTERY (YB7L-B)
  SR125 1999 3MW8 9079R2428000 BATTERY (YB7L-B)
  SR125 2000 3MW9 9079R2428000 BATTERY (YB7L-B)
  TDR125 1998 5AN4; 4GX6 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  TDR125 1999 5AN6 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  TDR125 2000 4GX8; 5AN8 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  TDR125 2001 4GX9; 5ANA 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  TDR125 2002 5ANC; 4GXA 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  TW125 1999 5EK1 9079EY000100 BATTERY (YB7C-A)
  TW125 2000 5EK3 9079EY000100 BATTERY (YB7C-A)
  TW125 2001 5EK5 9079EY000100 BATTERY (YB7C-A)
  TW125 2002 5RS1 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  TW125 2003 5RS3 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  TW125 2004 5RS5 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XT125X 2005 3D61 3D6H21100000 BATTERY (YTX7L-BS)
  XT125R 2005 3D62 3D6H21100000 BATTERY (YTX7L-BS)
  XT125R 2006 3D63 3D6H21100000 BATTERY (YTX7L-BS)
  XT125X 2006 3D64 3D6H21100000 BATTERY (YTX7L-BS)
  YBR125ED 2010 51P1 235821100900    BATTERY ASSY (12N5-3B)
  YZF-R125 2008 5D71 131821100900    BATTERY (12N5.5-3B)
  YZF-R125 2009 5D75 131821100900    BATTERY ASSY (12N5.5-3B)
  YZF-R125 2010 5D74 131821100900    BATTERY ASSY (12N5.5-3B)
  YZF-R125 2011 5D77 131821100900    BATTERY ASSY (12N5.5-3B)
  XV125 VIRAGO 1998 5AJ5 3DN821100100 BATTERY (GM10-3A-2)
  XV125-S 1999 5AJB; AJD 3DN821100100 BATTERY (GM10-3A-2)
  XVS125 DRAGSTAR 2000 5JX1 3DN821100100 BATTERY (GM10-3A-2)
  XV125S VIRAGO 2000 5AJH 3DN821100100 BATTERY (GM10-3A-2)
  XVS125 DRAGSTAR 2000 5JX1 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XVS125 DRAGSTAR 2001 5JX3 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XVS125 DRAGSTAR 2002 5JX5 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XVS125 2003   4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XVS125 DRAGSTAR 2004 5JX7 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  WR125R 2009 22B1 22BH21000000 BATTERY ASSY(12N5.5-4A)
  WR125X 2009 22B2 22BH21000000 BATTERY ASSY(12N5.5-4A)
  WR125R 2010 22B3 22BH21000000 BATTERY ASSY(12N5.5-4A)
  WR125X 2010 22B4 22BH21000000 BATTERY ASSY(12N5.5-4A)
  WR125R 2011 22B5 22BH21000000 BATTERY ASSY(12N5.5-4A)
  WR125X 2011 22B6 22BH21000000 BATTERY ASSY(12N5.5-4A)
135cc T135FI 2007   2S5H21000000 BATTERY ASSY (GTZ5S)
  T135FI 2008   2S5H21000000 BATTERY ASSY (GTZ5S)
  T135FI 2009   2S5H21000000 BATTERY ASSY (GTZ5S)
225cc TW225E 2002 5VC1 9079EY000100 BATTERY (YB7C-A)
250cc WR250F 2003 5UM2 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  WR250F 2004 5UM6 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  WR250F 2005 5UM9 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  WR250F 2006 5UMC 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  WR250F 2007 5UMF 4FU821000100 BATTERY (YTX5L-BS)
  WR250F 2008 5UML 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR250F 2009 5UMR 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR250F 2010 5UMV 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR250F 2011 1HC3 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  SR250 Clas 2000 21L3 9079R2428600 BATTERY (12N12A-4A-1)
  TT250R 2003 4PX9 4UC821000100 BATTERY (GT7B-4)
  WR250R 2008 32D1 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR250X 2008 32D2 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  XG250 2005 4D61; 4D62 5TJ821000000 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  YBR250 2007 5D11 3D6H21100000 BATTERY (YTX7L-BS)
  XV250-S VIRAGO 1998 3LSL 3DN821100100 BATTERY (GM10-3A-2)
  XV250S 1999 3LSM 3DN821100100 BATTERY (GM10-3A-2)
  XVS250 DRAGSTAR 2001 5KR2 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XVS250 DRAGSTAR 2002 5KR5 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  XVS250 2004 5KR9 4TP821001000 BATTERY (GT6B-3)
  WR250R 2009 32D5 1S4821001000 BATTERY ASSY(YTZ7S)
  WR250X 2009 32D6 1S4821001000 BATTERY ASSY(YTZ7S)
  WR250R 2010 32DB 1S4821001000 BATTERY ASSY(YTZ7S)
  WR250X 2010 32DC 1S4821001000 BATTERY ASSY(YTZ7S)
450cc WR450F 2003 5TJ2 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2004 5TJ6 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2005 5TJ9 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2006 5TJC 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2007 5TJF 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2008 5TJL 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2009 5TJR 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2010 5TJV 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
  WR450F 2011 1HB3 5TJ821000100 BATTERY (YTZ7S)
500cc XT500E 2000   3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XT500E 2002   3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XV500 1998   9079EY000400 BATTERY (YB12AL-A2)
535cc XV535 VIRAGO 1998 4YH7 9079EY000400 BATTERY (YB12AL-A2)
  XV535 VIRAGO 1999 4YH9 9079EY000400 BATTERY (YB12AL-A2)
  XV535 VIRAGO 2000 4YHB; 4YHC 9079EY000400 BATTERY (YB12AL-A2)
  XV535 VIRAGO 2001 4YHE 9079EY000400 BATTERY (YB12AL-A2)
600cc TT600RE 2004 5CH5 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT600E 1998 4PT7 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XT600E 1999 4PT9 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XT600E 2000 4PTA 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XT600E 2002 4PTB 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  FZ6-N 2004 1B31 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-S 2004 5VX1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-N 2005 1B33 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NS 2005 1B35 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-S 2005 5VX6 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-N FAZER 2006 1B37 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NS FAZER 2006 1B39 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-S 2006 5VXB 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SA FAZER 2006 4P51; 4P52 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SS FAZER 2006 5VXD 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-N 2007 1B3D 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NA 2007 5S31 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NAHG 2007 5S41 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NHG 2007 5S51 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-S FAZER 2007 5VXL 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SA FAZER 2007 4P53; 4P54 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SAHG 2007 5S21 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SHG FAZER 2007 4S81 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NAHG 2008 5S42 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NHG 2008 5S53 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SAHG 2008 5S22 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SHG FAZER 2008 4S86 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NAHG 2009 5S44 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-NHG 2009 5S57 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SAHG 2009 5S23 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZ6-SHG 2009 4S8B 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600 1998 5DM1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600 1999 5DM4 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600 2000 5DM7 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600SP 2000 5DMA 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600 FAZER 2001 5DMC 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600S FAZER 2001 5DMF 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600 FAZER 2002 5RT1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  FZS600 FAZER 2003 5RT4 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XJ600N 1998 4KE9 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600S DIVERSION 1998 4BRE 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600N 1999 4KEA 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600S 1999 4BRF 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600N 2000 4KEB; 4MB7; 4KF7 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600S DIVERSION 2000 4BRG; 4LX7 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600N 2001 4KEC; 4MB8; 4FK8 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600S DIVERSION 2001 4BRH; 4LX8; 4DGB 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600N 2002 4KED; 4MB9; 4KF9 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ600S DIVERSION 2002 4BRJ; 4LX9; 4DGC 3PK821000100 BATTERY (YTX9-BS)
  XJ6NA 2009 36B1 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6SA DIVERSION 2009 36D1 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6F 2010 1CW1; 1CW4 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6NA 2010 36B2; 36B3 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6SA DIVERSION 2010 36D2 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6F 2011 1CW8 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6NA 2011 36B4 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  XJ6SA 2011 36D3 4TX821000200 BATTERY ASSY (GT12B-4)
  YZF600R THUNDERCAT 1998 4TV5 3VD821000100 BATTERY (YTX12-BS)
  YZF600R THUNDERCAT 1999 4TV7 3VD821000100 BATTERY (YTX12-BS)
  YZF600R THUNDERCAT 2000 4TV9 3VD821000100 BATTERY (YTX12-BS)
  YZF600R THUNDERCAT 2001 4TVB 3VD821000100 BATTERY (YTX12-BS)
  YZF600R THUNDERCAT 2002 4TVD 3VD821000100 BATTERY (YTX12-BS)
  YZF-R6 1999 5EB1; 5EB2 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R6 2000 5EB6; 5EB5 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R6 2001 5MT1; 5MT2 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  YZF-R6 2002 5MTB; 5MTC 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  YZF-R6 2003 5SL1 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  YZF-R6 2004 5SLB 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  YZF-R6 2005 5SLM; 5SLP 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  YZF-R6 2006 2C01; 2C02 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R6 2007 2C0B; 2C0C 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R6 2008 13S1; 13S2 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R6 2009 13SB; 13SC 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
  YZF-R6 2010 13SL; 13SN 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
  YZF-R6 2011 13SV; 13SW 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
650cc XVS650 DRAGSTAR 1998 4VR3 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650 DRAGSTAR 1999 4VR7; 4VR8; 4XR7; 4XR8 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650 DRAGSTAR 2000 4VRB; 4XRB 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650 DRAGSTAR 2001 4VRD; 4XRD 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650 DRAGSTAR 2002 4VRE; 4XRE 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650A DRAGSTAR CLASSIC 1998 5BN4 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650A DRAGSTAR 2001 5BNV; 5BNW 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650A DRAGSTAR CLASSIC 2002 5SC5; 5SC6 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650A 2003   4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  XVS650A DRAGSTAR CLASSIC 2006 4C57; 4C58 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
660cc XT660R 2004 5VK1; 5VK3 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2004 1D21; 1D23 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2005 3S61 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2005 1D24 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2006 5VK6 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2006 1D26 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2007 5VK8 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2007 11B1 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2008 3S64 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2008 11B2 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2009 3S65 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2009 10S5 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2010 3S66 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2010 10S7 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660R 2011 5VKG 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660X 2011 10S9 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660Z TENERE 2008 11D1 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660Z TENERE 2009 11D2 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660Z TENERE 2010 11D6 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660Z TENERE 2011 11D8 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  XT660ZA TENERE SE 2011 56P1 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
  MT03 (25KW) 2006 5YK3 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  MT03 (25 KW) 2007 5YK4 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  MT03 2008 5YK5 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  MT03 2009 5YK7 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  MT03 2010   5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
  MT03 2011 5YK9 5FL821000100 BATTERY (GT9B-4)
800cc FZ8-N 2011 39P1 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
  FZ8-NA 2011 59P1 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
  FZ8-S FAZER 2011 42P1 5VY821000000 BATTERY ASSY (YUASA YTZ10S)
850cc TDM850 1998 4TX3; 5AR2 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM850 1999 4TX4 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM850 2000 4TX6 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM850 2001 4TX8 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TRX850 1998   3VD821000100 BATTERY (YTX12-BS)
900cc TDM900 2002 5PS1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2003 5PS4 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2004 5PS6 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2005 5PS8 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900A 2005 2B01 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2006 5PSA 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900A 2006 2B02 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2007 5PSC 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900A 2007 2B03 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2008 5PSG 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900A 2008 2B04; 2B05 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2009 5PSH 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900A 2009 2B07 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900 2010 5PSK 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  TDM900A 2010 2B08 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
950cc XVS950A 2009 26P1 2D1821000000 BATTERY ASSY
  XVS950A 2010 26P2 2D1821000000 BATTERY ASSY
  XVS950A 2011 26P3 2D1821000000 BATTERY ASSY
1000cc GTS1000 1998 4BH6; 4FV5 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  GTS1000A 1998 4BH6; 4FV5 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  FZ1-N FAZER 2006 2D11; 2D12 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-S FAZER 2006 3C31; 3C32 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-S FAZER 2007 3C3A; 3C3B 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-SA FAZER 2007 5D01; 5D02 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-N FAZER 2007 2D14; 2D15 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-N FAZER 2008 2D1E; 2D1F 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-NA FAZER 2008 22C3; 22C4 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-S FAZER 2008 3C3H; 3C3J 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-SA FAZER 2008 5D03; 5D04 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-N FAZER 2009 2D1M; 2D1N 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-NA FAZER 2009 22C7; 22C8 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-S FAZER 2009 3C3P; 3C3R 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-SA FAZER 2009 5D05; 5D06 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-N FAZER 2010 2D1R; 2D1S 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-NA FAZER 2010 22C9; 22CA 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-S FAZER 2010 3C3X; 3C3Y 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-SA FAZER 2010 5D07; 5D08 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-N FAZER 2011 1EC1; 1EC2 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-NA FAZER 2011 22CD; 22CE 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-S FAZER 2011 1CAF; 1CAG 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZ1-SA FAZER 2011 5D0B; 5D0C 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  FZS1000 FAZER 2001 5LV1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FZS1000 FAZER 2002 5LV8 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FZS1000-S FAZER 2003 5LVN; 5LVF 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FZS1000-S FAZER 2004 1C21; 1C25 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FZS1000-S FAZER 2005 1C28; 1C2A 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  YZF1000R THUNDERRACE 1998 4VS4 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  YZF1000R 1999   3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  YZF1000R THUNDERACE 2000 4SV5; 4VD5; 4VF4 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  YZF1000R THUNDERACE 2001 4SV6; 4VD7; 4VF5 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  YZF-R1 1998 4XV1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R1 1999 4XV7 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R1 2000 5JJ1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R1 2001 5JJ8 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R1 2002 5PW1 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R1 2003 5PW7 4TX821000200 BATTERY (GT12B-4)
  YZF-R1 2004 5VY3 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2005 5VY7 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2006 5VYE; 5VYF; 5VYR; 5VYS 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2007 4C81 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2008 4C88; 4C89 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2009 14B1 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2010 14BC; 14BD 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1 2011 14BR; 14BS 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
  YZF-R1S 2006 4B11; 4B12 5VY821000000 BATTERY (YTZ10S)
1100cc BT1100 BULLDOG 2002 5JN1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  BT1100 2003 5JN2 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  BT1100 BULLDOG 2004 5JN3 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  BT1100 BULLDOG 2005 5JN4 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  BT1100 BULLDOG 2006 5JN5 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XV1100 VIRAGO 1998 3EF9; 3LPG 9079EY000800 BATTERY (Y50N18L-A)
  XVS1100 DRAGSTAR 1999 5EL1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XVS1100 DRAGSTAR 2000 5EL8; 5EL9 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XVS1100 DRAGSTAR 2001 5PB2 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XVS1100 DRAGSTAR 2002 5PBB 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XVS1100; XVS1100A 2004   5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
1200cc XJR1200 1998 4PU9 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  XJR1200SP 1998 4PUB 3XW821000100 BATTERY (YTX14-BS)
  XT1200Z 2010 23P1; 23P2 23P821000000 BATTERY (YTZ12-S)
  XT1200Z TENERE 2011 23P8; 23P9 23P821000000 BATTERY (YTZ12-S)
  VMX12 1999   9079EY000300 BATTERY (YB16AL-A2)
  VMX12 2000   9079EY000300 BATTERY (YB16AL-A2)
  VMX12 2001   9079EY000300 BATTERY (YB16AL-A2)
1300cc FJR1300 2001 5JW1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300 2002 5JW4 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300 2003 5JWA 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2003 5VS1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300 2004 5JWG 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2004 5VS7 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300 2005 5JWN 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2005 5VSD; 5VSG 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2006 3P61; 3P62 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300AS 2006 2D21; 2D22 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2007 3P67; 3P68 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300AS 2007 2D27; 2D28 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2008 3P6D; 3P6E 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300AS 2008 2D2D; 2D2E 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2009 3P6V; 3P6W 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300AS 2009 2D2V; 2D2W 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2010 1CY5; 1CY7 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300AS 2010 1DA5; 1DA7 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300A 2011 1CY9; 1CYA 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  FJR1300AS 2011 1DA9; 1DAA 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 1999 5EA3 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2000 5EAB 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2001 5EAJ 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2002 5EAT; 5EAW 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2003 5MW1; 5MW3 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2004 5WM7 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2005 5WMA 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2006 5WMD 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300 2007 5WMG 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  XJR1300 2008 5WMK 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  XJR1300 2009 5WMM 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  XJR1300 2010 5WMP 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  XJR1300 2011 5WMS 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  XJR1300SP 1999 5EA6; 5EA5 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300SP 2000 5EAE; 5EAD 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XJR1300SP 2001 5EAL; 5EAM 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XVS1300A 2007 11C1 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XVS1300A MIDNIGHT STAR 2008 11C2 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XVS1300A MIDNIGHT STAR 2009 11C3 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XVS1300A MIDNIGHT STAR 2010 11C4 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XVS1300A 2011 1CS1 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XVZ13TF 1999 5JC1 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
1600cc XV1600A WILDSTAR 1999 5JA1 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XV1600A WILDSTAR 2000 5JA5 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XV1600A WILDSTAR 2001 5JA8 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
  XV1600A WILDSTAR 2002 5JAA 4SH821002200 BATTERY (YTX20L-BS)
1700cc MT01 2005 5YU1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  MT01 2006 5YU3; 5YU4 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  MT01 2007 5YU8; 5YUB 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  MT01 2008 5YUH 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  MT01 2009 5YUM 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  MT01S 2009 5YUR 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  VMX17 2009 2S35 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  VMX17 2010 2S3B; 2S3C 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
  VMX17 2011 2S3H; 2S3J 2D1821000000 BATTERY (YTZ14S)
1900cc XV1900A MIDNIGHT STAR 2006 5C41 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XV1900A MIDNIGHT STAR 2007 5C42 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XV1900A MIDNIGHT STAR 2008 5C43 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XV1900A MIDNIGHST STAR 2009 5C44; 5C45 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XV1900A 2010   5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
  XV1900A 2011 1CR1 5EA821001100 BATTERY (YT14B-BS)
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