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5 stars

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  • All the parts i ordered are original and in a good price!!!


    5 stars
  • A quick order and easy delivery, should have dealt with you weeks ago when the local dealer did not have the part. Why did they not call or order it from you? Fools.

    - michael mcnealy

    5 stars
  • Made a mistake while ordering parts, MSP manager contacted me via email to get proper shipping/billing details. Thanks! Everything arrived in time!

    - Dmytro Vovk

    5 stars
  • Ordered some parts and it was delivered in short time.

    - TRULS

    5 stars
  • Part lists were very easy navigate and delivery was fast

    - -M

    5 stars
  • Good example and good experience.

    - jesper jensen

    5 stars
  • Ordered a BMW radiator. Cost considerably less than US prices. Shipping was fast & part was as advertised. Happy with service.

    - Sean Underwood

    5 stars
  • I bought Kawasaki oem parts, correct delivery and I received the part within 5 days

    - Ciceu Daniel

    5 stars
  • For mine KTM duke 125 there are nice selection of parts with nice diagrams and part numbers. Only one part were unusible without modification. Chain were to long, I think it were from newer model motorcycle. Pretty fast delivery. It would n...

    - Gilbertas Pikauskis

    4 stars
  • Shipping was fast even though I am in the US. Parts came packaged well and was pleased with my shopping experience.

    - Kris Weist

    5 stars
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5 stars
10256 reviews on Trust Pilot