Payment Methods

To help make the payment process a little easier for you we can accept the following methods of payment:

Credit Cards

Credit and Debit Cards
Bancontact/Mister Cash
Sofortbanking / Sofort Uberweisung

To avoid any confusion please be aware that the payments methods offered may differ dependant on the country selected during the registration process. All available payment methods for the registration country will be shown in the check out process.

Every online payment processed by MSP will be handled securely by the CM Payments system  ( To guarantee that the (online) payments are completed securely, Docdata Payments complies fully with all financial regulations that are applicable in every region that we sell to.

CM Certifications
To further guarantee that the (online) payments are completed securely, CM Payments complies with all security rules and technologies as required by the Dutch financial institutions and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

PCI DSS Compliance
This abbreviation stands for Payment Card Industry Standard, which is enforced by Visa and MasterCard. These guidelines ensure that the credit card details are securely processed and stored. CM Payments is audited annually by different agencies (Audit) and, after approval, it is awarded a certificate to show that CM Payments meets the highest possible security standards. One of these certificates is a PCI DSS certificate.

The "Payment Services Directive", in short PSD, is a directive issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union and provides for harmonization of payment services in the internal market . The PSD aims to promote pan-European competition in the payment services sector and provides for a licensing system for payment service providers. The PSD licence imposes specific requirements on risk management and the associated procedures within CM Payments. It is important to know that CM Payments is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank and, as such, is recognized by an independent institute/body as 'qualified'.

Foundation for Third Party Funds accounts
All money from consumers, paid to (online) merchants, is received in and paid from a Foundation for Third Party Funds account. This guarantees that the funds are always "secure" at any given time, should the limited company inadvertently run into financial difficulties. The management of CM Payments is separate from the board of the Stichting Foundation CM Payments. The board is responsible for monitoring compliance with the objectives of the Foundation and checks the correct operation activities of the Foundation. Since 2008, together with the Limited Company, the Stichting Foundation CM Payments is included in the report of the comprehensive annual audit carried out by KPMG.

CPSP licence
CPSP stands for Collecting Payment Service Provider. This certification signifies that the Payment Service Provider is approved by Currence and has an agreement with an Acquiring Bank licensed by Currence for purchasing iDEAL.

CM Privacy Policy:
Here you will find the Privacy Policy of Docdata payments for online payment processing.

Storing and receiving data
In addition to the applicable guidelines and existing licences, all personal data and other sensitive information held in the CM Payments systems are guaranteed within the specified standards and processed and stored in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

- Merchant Data
All merchants affiliated with CM Payments are requested to supply information to set up the merchant account. In order to use any of the data, a number of verification documents are requested, to prevent improper use of other people's data.

Consumer Data
The consumer data that is registered with CM Payments originates from the (online) shop. All necessary information is saved, such as the amount, currency and payment method. Additional information such as first name, surname and address details are only used if required for processing the payment.

In addition to this customer data, in the case of a bank transfer, the account details are stored separately. This is necessary in order to facilitate a refund on behalf of the (online) shop. This data is stored in the database and is not visible to the (online) shop. Finally, the IP address is recorded and possibly used for anti-fraud purposes.

Log files
The data exchange between the (online) shop and the CM Payments platform is stored in log files. This makes it possible to track and solve any problems.

The CM Payments payment platform uses so-called 'per session' cookies. This means that the payment session data is saved, so that the consumer can complete payment immediately or at a later time. Information such as preferred language can also be saved. Cookies are assigned individually and can only be read by the domain that issued the cookie to you. Cookies cannot launch malicious files or leave viruses on your computer.

Dissemination of information to third parties
CM Payments treats all data as strictly confidential. The data contained in the database is not in any way sold or leased to third parties.

(Online) Shop
Data from consumers can only be viewed by the (online) shop that supplied the data. This concerns information such as name and address details. Credit card details can not be viewed by the (online) shop and are encrypted and stored in the database. Only authorized persons have access to this data. Only in very special cases can the (online) shop be given access to the entire credit card number. For this purpose, special protocols have been established, whereby the utmost care is taken in providing this information to prevent possible fraud.

Financial institution
For completion of the payment, only the most essential information is supplied to the financial institution. This is always done in accordance with the security rules and protocols as specified by the relevant financial institution, such as an https:// connection. Examples of information exchange are communication lines to the invoice processors, collection agencies, acquirers for processing credit card payments, banking institutions and possibly analyzing agencies.

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