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Suzuki Genuine Touch Up Pens

Find your Original Suzuki Motorcycle Color Touch Up Pen.

A scratch on your Suzuki Motorcycle happens faster then you think, fortunately there is a solution for this horrable happening.

Suzuki has a range of Original Color Touch Up Pens. With this pen you can easily cover up the scratch on your Suzuki Motorcycle.

Find out the Color Code of your Suzuki Motorcycle and then check the Color Number in the list below and you can order your Touch Up Pen by selecting the Part Number and add the Touch Up Pen to your shopping cart.

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List of Original Suzuki Touch Up Pens is alphabetical listed by the Suzuki Color Code:

Original Suzuki Touch Up Pens
Color Code Color Code Name Part Number
19 Black 99000-10102-019
0FP Trad.Silver Metalic 99000-10202-0FP
0JW Pearl Still White 99000-10202-0JW
0WP Trail Green Metalic 99000-10202-0WP
13L Bright Silver Metalic 99000-10202-13L
14L Single Super White 99000-10102-14L
163 Phlolina Yellow 99000-10102-163
17U Urban Gray Metallic 99000-10202-17U
19A Candy Antares Red 99000-10202-19A
1HU Deep Purple Metalic 99000-10202-1HU
1LE Pearl Medium Blue 99000-10202-1LE
1LF Pearl Deep Blue 99000-10202-1LF
1TU Light Purple Metalic 99000-10202-1TU
1TY Rouge Red 99000-10202-1TY
1ZV Blueish Green 99000-10202-1ZV
22U Candy Acad. Maroon 99000-10202-22U
28V Marble Italian Red 99000-10202-28V
28W Special White 99000-10202-28W
33J Pearl Novelty Black 99000-10202-33J
35W Charcoal Grey Metalic 99000-10202-35W
XA7 Luminous Polaris Blue 99000-10202-XA7
Y0V Candy Marine Blue Green 99000-10202-Y0V
Y0W Candy Koran Orange 99000-10202-Y0W
Y3H Candy Fairy Orange 99000-10202-Y3H
Y4E Pearl Ultra Marine 99000-10202-Y4E
Y4L Pale Yellow 99000-10202-Y4L
Y7E Candy Jay Blue 99000-10202-Y7E
Y7G Pearl Dark Britisch Green 99000-10202-Y7G
Y7H Pearl Dark Space Blue 99000-10202-Y7H
Y7L Metalic Saturn Black 99000-10202-Y7L
Y7M Pearl Herios Red 99000-10202-Y7M
Y98 Candy Forest Green 99000-10202-Y98
Y9F Pearl Canyon Yellow 99000-10202-Y9F
Y9H Pearl Lively Yellow 99000-10202-Y9H
YAR Pearl Deep Sea Blue 99000-10202-YAR
YAT Plum Purple Metalic 99000-10202-YAT
YAU Metalic Baler Grey 99000-10202-YAU
YAV Orange 99000-10202-YAV
YAY Nebular Black 99000-10202-YAY
YBA Deep Blue No.2 99000-10202-YBA
YBB Medium Blue No.2 99000-10202-YBB
YBD Splash White 99000-10202-YBD
YC2 Grand Candy Blue 99000-10202-YC2
YC6 Candy Velvety Red 99000-10202-YC6
YD8 Sonic Silver Metalic 99000-10202-YD8
YE2 Deep Rhode Maroon Metalic 99000-10202-YE2
YEC Flash Yellow 99000-10202-YEC
YHF Metalic Phantom Gray 990D0-10202-YHF
YHG Oort Gray Metalic 99000-10202-YHG
YHH Marble Erakis Red 99000-10202-YHH
YHJ Candy Napoleon Blue 99000-10202-YHJ
YHL Candy Sonoma Red 990D0-10202-YHL
YKY Pearl Vigor Blue 990D0-10202-YKY
YKZ Candy Indy Blue 990D0-10202-YKZ
YLC Metalic Opera Gold 990D0-10202-YLC
YLE Metalic Graphite Blue 990D0-10202-YLE
YLF Metalic Thunder Gray 990D0-10202-YLF
YMC Metalic Titaniuma Silver 990D0-10202-YMC
YMD Metalic Mistic Silver 990D0-10202-YMD
YME Candy Max Orange 990D0-10302-YME
YMF Marble Daytone Yellow 990D0-10202-YMF
YMG Metalic Majestic Gold 990D0-10202-YMG
YMK Pearl Dark Cherry Red 990D0-10202-YMK
YMR Metalic Oort Gray No.2 990D0-10202-YMR
YNJ Metalic Ice Silver 990D0-10202-YNJ
YNK Pearl Celebration Red 990D0-10202-YNK
YNR New Titan Black 990D0-10202-YNR
YPA Pearl Mirage White 990D0-10302-YPA
YRB Metalic Aqua Blue 990D0-10202-YRB
YRD Metalic Lush Green 990D0-10202-YRD
YRE Metalic Mist Green 990D0-10202-YRE
YSF Metalic Triton Blue 990D0-10302-YSF
YSU Pearl Glass White 990D0-10202-YSU
YSV Metalic Mat Black 990D0-10202-YSV
YSY Metalic Smoky Silver 990D0-10202-YSY
YU7 Cristal Red 99000-10202-YU7
YU8 Flint Gray Metalic 99000-10202-YU8
YU9 Pearl Orpiment Yellow 99000-10202-YU9
YUA Metalic Mat Stellar Blue 990D0-10202-YUA
YUF Metalic Alba Blue 990D0-10202-YUF
YV1 Blue Metalic 99000-10202-YV1
YVB Glass Sparkle Black 990D0-10202-YVB
YVW Metalic Sepia Brown 990D0-10202-YVW
YVY Pearl Silk Beige 990D0-10202-YVY
YWB Metalic Gleam Gray 990D0-10202-YWB
YWC Pearl Moon Stone Gray 990D0-10202-YWC
YWG Glass Midnight Brown 990D0-10202-YWG
YWH Pearl Lilac Purple 990D0-10202-YWH
YWW Glacier White Pearl 990D0-10302-YWW
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