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SUZUKI Motorcycle and ATV / Quad OWNER’S MANUAL

Suzuki Owners manuals with the Instructions to operate your vehicle safely are also to be found in the online electronic parts catalog of your Suzuki motorcycle or ATV / Quad. Just select your type and year and go to the drawing with the title “Labels”.

The manuals are available for:

Or just use the application list below to find your Suzuki Instruction Manual.

If you need a Suzuki owners manual in a particular language do not hesitate to Contact us!

The Suzuki Owners Manual is alphabetical listed by CC:

Owner Manuals Suzuki Motorcycles, Quad / ATV
Suzuki Motorcycles Information
CC Type Year Code Year Part Number
50cc AY KATANA     99011-35E00-E25
  CP50     99011-03A20-P25
  LT50 X 1999 99011-04237-01D
  LT50 QUADRUNNER K1 2001 99011-04239-01S
  LT50 QUADRUNNER K2 2002 99011-04240-01S
  LT-A50 QUADMASTER K2 2002 99011-43F50-28B
  LT-A50 QUADSPORT K3 2003 99011-43F51-28B
  LT-A50 QUADSPORT K4 2004 99011-43F52-01H
  TR50S STREET MAGIC X 1999 99011-06F51-DTD
  TS50XK R     99011-13636-012
  UF50     99011-35E60-059
  UX50 ZILLION     99011-22F50-058
80cc LT80 W 1998 99011-40B63-01S
  LT80 X 1999 99011-40B63-01S
  LT80 QUADSPORT K2 2002 99011-40B66-02A
  LT-80 QUADSPORT K3 2003 99011-40B67-02A
  RM80 K1 2001 99011-02B76-01A
  RM80X W 1998 99011-02B73-01A
  RM80X X 1999 99011-02B74-01A
  RM80 Y 2000 99011-02B75-01A
85cc RM85 K2 2002 99011-02B77-01A
  RM85 (SW & LW) K3 2003 99011-02B78-01A
  RM85 (SW & LW) K4 2004 99011-02B79-01A
  RM85 (SW & LW) K5 2005 99011-02B80-01A
  RM85 (SW & LW) K6 2006 99011-02B81-01A
125cc FL125 K7 2007 99011-16H50-01A
  RM125 W 1998 99011-36E53-01A
  RM125 X 1999 99011-36E53-01A
  RM125 Y 2000 99011-36E54-01A
  RM125 K1 2001 99011-36F50-01A
  RM125 K2 2002 99011-36F51-01A
  RM125 K3 2003 99011-36F52-01A
  RM125 K4 2004 99011-36F53-01A
  RM125 K5 2005 99011-36F54-01A
  UH125 BURGMAN K7 2007 99011-49F55-01H
200cc UH200 BURGMAN K7 2007 99011-49F72-01H
  UH200(G) BURGMAN K8 2008 99011-49F72-01H
  UH200 (G) BURGMAN K9 2009 99011-49F72-01H
250cc AN250 W 1998 99011-14F50-DGS
  GN250 R 1994 99011-38332-DGS
  GSX250 T 1996 99011-11421-01A
  GZ250 MARAUDER X 1999 99011-13F50-042
  GZ250 MARAUDER Y 2000 99011-13F51-042
  RM250 W 1998 99011-37E52-01A
  RM250 X 1999 99011-37E53-01A
  RM250 Y 2000 99011-37E54-01A
  RM250 K1 2001 99011-37E52-01A
  RM250 K2 2002 99011-37E52-01A
  RM250 K3 2003 99011-37E52-01A
  RM250 K4 2004 99011-37E53-01A
  RM250 K5 2005 99011-37E54-01A
  TU250X W 1998 99011-25D51-042
  VL250 INTRUDER Y 2000 99011-27F50-042
350cc DR350S P 1993 99011-14D73-01U
400cc AN400 X 1999 99011-15F51-DGS
  AN400 Y 2000 99011-15F51-DGS
  AN400 K1 2001 99011-14F53-SDE
  AN400 K2 2002 99011-15F53-SDE
  AN400 K4 2004 99011-15G51-SDE
  AN400(S) BURGMAN K5 2005 99011-15G52-SDE
  AN400(S) BURGMAN K6 2006 99011-15G53-SDE
  AN400(Z) BURGMAN K7 2007 99011-05H50-SDE
  AN400(Z) BURGMAN K8 2008 99011-05H51-SDE
  AN400(A)(ZA) BURGMAN K9 2009 99011-05H52-SDE
  AN400(A)(ZA) BURGMAN K9 2009 99011-05H70-SDE
  AN400(A)(ZA) BURGMAN L0 2010 99011-05H53-SDE
  AN400(A)(ZA) BURGMAN L0 2010 99011-05H71-SDE
  DR-Z400(E) Y 2000 99011-29F50-01B
  DR-Z400(E) K1 2001 99011-29F51-01C
  DR-Z400(E) K2 2002 99011-29F52-01C
  DR-Z400S Y 2000 99011-29F60-SDI
  DR-Z400S K1 2001 99011-29F61-SDE
  DR-Z400S K2 2002 99011-29F62-SDE
  DR-Z400S K3 2003 99011-29F63-SDE
  DR-Z400S K4 2004 99011-29F64-SDE
  DR-Z400S K5 2005 99011-29F65-SDE
  DR-Z400S K6 2006 99011-29F66-SDE
  DR-Z400S K7 2007 99011-29F67-SDE
  DR-Z400S K8 2008 99011-29F68-SDE
  DRZ400S (English) L0 2010 99011-29F10-01A
450cc RMX450-Z L0 2010 99011-02J50-01H
500cc GS500E W 1998 99011-01D59-042
  GS500E X 1999 99011-01D60-042
  GS500E Y 2000 99011-01D61-042
  GS500 K2 2002 99011-01D63-042
  GS500 K3 2003 99011-01D65-01H
  GS500(E)(F) K4 2004 99011-01D65-01H
  GS500(E)(F) K5 2005 99011-01D66-01H
600cc GSF600(N)(S) BANDIT W 1998 99011-27E54-042
  GSF600(N)(S) BANDIT X 1999 99011-27E54-042
  GSF600(N)(S) BANDIT K1 2001 99011-31F52-SDE
  GSF600(N)(S) BANDIT K2 2002 99011-31F52-SDE
  GSF600(N)(S) BANDIT K3 2003 99011-31F53-SDE
  GSF600(N)(S)(Z) BANDIT K4 2004 99011-31F53-SDE
  GSF600 K5 2005 99011-38G50-SDE
  GSR600 K6 2006 99011-44G50-SDE
  GSR600(A) K7 2007 99011-44G51-SDE
  GSR600(A) K7 2007 99011-44G60-SDE
  GSR600(A) K8 2008 99011-44G52-SDE
  GSR600(A) K8 2008 99011-44G61-SDE
  GSR600(A) K9 2009 99011-44G53-SDE
  GSR600(A) K9 2009 99011-44G62-SDE
  GSR600(A) L0 2010 99011-44G54-SDE
  GSR600(A) L0 2010 99011-44G63-SDE
  GSX600 K6 2006 99011-19C68-SDE
  GSX600F T 1996 99011-20C58-042
  GSX600F V 1997 99011-20C58-042
  GSX600F W 1998 99011-19C64-042
  GSX600F X 1999 99011-19C64-042
  GSX600F Y 2000 99011-19C64-042
  GSX600F K1 2001 99011-19C64-042
  GSX600F K2 2002 99011-19C64-042
  GSX600F K4 2004 99011-19C66-SDE
  GSX600F K5 2005 99011-19C67-SDE
  GSX600F K6 2006 99011-19C68-SDE
  GSX-R600 W 1998 99011-34E53-042
  GSX-R600 X 1999 99011-34E53-042
  GSX-R600 Y 2000 99011-34E53-042
  GSX-R600 K1 2001 99011-39F50-SDE
  GSX-R600 K2 2002 99011-39F51-SDE
  GSX-R600(Z) K3 2003 99011-39F52-SDE
  GSX-R600 K4 2004 99011-29G50-SDE
  GSX-R600(X) K5 2005 99011-29G51-SDE
  GSX-R600 K6 2006 99011-01H50-SDE
  GSX-R600 K7 2007 99011-01H51-SDE
  GSX-R600 K8 2008 99011-37H50-SDE
  GSX-R600 K9 2009 99011-37H51-SDE
  GSX-R600 L0 2010 99011-37H52-SDE
  GSX-R600 L1 2011 99011-14J50-SDE
  RF600R R 1994 99011-31E53-DSP
  RF600R http://nimag/icons/ecblank.gif
  VS600 http://nimag/icons/ecblank.gif
650cc AN650 K6 2006 99011-10G53-SDE
  AN650 K7 2007 99011-10G54-SDE
  AN650 K8 2008 99011-10G55-SDE
  AN650 K9 2009 99011-10G56-SDE
  AN650 L0 2010 99011-10G57-SDE
  AN650 L1 2011 99011-10G58-01H
  AN650(A) BURGMAN EXECUTIVE K6 2006 99011-10G72-SDE
  AN650(A) BURGMAN EXECUTIVE K7 2007 99011-10G73-SDE
  AN650(A)(AZ) BURGMAN EXECUTIVE K8 2008 99011-10G74-SDE
  AN650(A) BURGMAN EXECUTIVE K9 2009 99011-10G75-SDE
  AN650(A) BURGMAN EXECUTIVE L0 2010 99011-10G76-SDE
  AN650(A) BURGMAN EXECUTIVE L1 2011 99011-10G77-01H
  DL650 V-STROM K4 2004 99011-27G50-SDE
  DL650 V-STROM K5 2005 99011-27G51-SDE
  DL650 V-STROM K6 2006 99011-27G52-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM K7 2007 99011-27G60-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM K8 2008 99011-27G54-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM K8 2008 99011-27G61-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM K9 2009 99011-27G55-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM K9 2009 99011-27G62-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM L0 2010 99011-27G56-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM L0 2010 99011-27G63-SDE
  DL650(A) V-STROM L1 2011 99011-27G57-01H
  DL650(A) V-STROM L1 2011 99011-27G64-01H
  DL650(A) V-STROM L2 2012 99011-11J60-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K6 2006 99011-38G51-SDE
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K7 2007 99011-17H50-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K6 2006 99011-38G61-SDE
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K7 2007 99011-17H60-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K8 2008 99011-17H61-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K9 2009 99011-46H50-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K9 2009 99011-46H60-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT L0 2010 99011-46H51-01H
  GSF650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT L0 2010 99011-46H61-01H
  GSF650S L1 2011 99011-46H52-01H
  GSF650SA L1 2011 99011-46H62-01H
  GSX650F K8 2008 99011-17H70-01H
  GSX650F(A) K9 2009 99011-17H71-01H
  GSX650F(A) L0 2010 99011-17H72-01H
  GSX650F(A) L1 2011 99011-17H73-01H
  GSX650F(A) K9 2009 99011-17H80-01H
  GSX650F(A) L0 2010 99011-17H81-01H
  GSX650F(A) L1 2011 99011-17H82-01H
  SFV650(A) GLADIUS K9 2009 99011-44H50-SDE
  SFV650(A) GLADIUS K9 2009 99011-44H60-SDE
  SFV650(A) GLADIUS L0 2010 99011-44H51-SDE
  SFV650(A) GLADIUS L0 2010 99011-44H61-SDE
  SFV650(A) GLADIUS L1 2011 99011-44H52-01H
  SFV650(A) GLADIUS L1 2011 99011-44H62-01H
  SV650(N)(S) K3 2003 99011-17G50-SDE
  SV650(N)(S) K4 2004 99011-17G51-SDE
  SV650(N)(S) K5 2005 99011-17G52-SDE
  SV650(N)(S) K6 2006 99011-17G53-SDE
  SV650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) K7 2007 99011-17G54-SDE
  SV650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) K8 2008 99011-17G55-SDE
  SV650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) K9 2009 99011-17G56-SDE
  SV650S(A) L0 2010 99011-17G57-SDE
  SV650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) K8 2008 99011-17G61-SDE
  SV650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) K9 2009 99011-17G62-SDE
  SV650S(A) L0 2010 99011-17G63-SDE
  SV650(N)(S)(NA)(SA) K7 2007 99011-17G60-SDE
750cc GSX-R750 K1 2001 99011-33F50-SDE
  GSX-R750 K2 2002 99011-33F51-SDE
  GSX-R750 K3 2003 99011-33F52-SDE
  GSX-R750 K4 2004 99011-30G50-SDE
  GSX-R750(X) K5 2005 99011-30G51-SDE
  GSX-R750 K6 2006 99011-02H50-SDE
  GSX-R750 K7 2007 99011-02H51-SDE
  GSX-R750 K8 2008 99011-38H50-SDE
  GSX-R750 K9 2009 99011-38H51-SDE
  GSX-R750 L0 2010 99011-38H52-SDE
  GSX-R750 L1 2011 99011-15J50-SDE
800cc VL800(Z) VOLUSIA K4 2004 99011-41F53-SDE
  VL800(Z) VOLUSIA K5 2005 99011-41F54-SDE
  VL800(C) VOLUSIA K6 2006 99011-41F55-SDE
  VL800(C) VOLUSIA K7 2007 99011-41F56-SDE
  VL800(C) VOLUSIA K8 2008 99011-41F56-SDE
  C800 (VL800) K9 2009 99011-43H50-SDE
  C800 (VL800) INTRUDER L0 2010 99011-43H51-SDE
  C800 (VL800) INTRUDER L1 2011 99011-43H52-SDE
  VS800 INTRUDER W 1998 99011-39A57-042
  VS800 INTRUDER Y 2000 99011-39A59-042
  VX800 T 1996 99011-45C55-GDU
  VZ800 MARAUDER V 1997 99011-48E52-042
  VZ800 MARAUDER W 1998 99011-48E52-042
  VZ800 MARAUDER X 1999 99011-48E52-042
  VZ800 MARAUDER Y 2000 99011-48E53-042
  VZ800 MARAUDER K5 2005 99011-39G50-SDE
  VZ800 MARAUDER K6 2006 99011-39G51-SDE
  VZ800(Z) INTRUDER K7 2007 99011-39G52-SDE
  VZ800(Z) INTRUDER K8 2008 99011-39G53-SDE
  VZ800(Z) INTRUDER K9 2009 99011-39G54-SDE
  VZ800 INTRUDER L0 2010 99011-39G55-SDE
  VZ800 INTRUDER L1 2011 99011-39G56-SDE
900cc RF900R V 1997 99011-31E53-DSP
1000cc DL1000 V-STROM K2 2002 99011-06G50-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K3 2003 99011-06G51-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K4 2004 99011-06G52-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K5 2005 99011-06G53-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K6 2006 99011-06G54-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K7 2007 99011-06G55-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K8 2008 99011-06G56-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM K9 2009 99011-06G57-SDE
  DL1000 V-STROM L0 2010 99011-06G58-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K1 2001 99011-40F50-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K2 2002 99011-40F51-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K3 2003 99011-40F60-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K4 2004 99011-40F61-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K5 2005 99011-41G50-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K6 2006 99011-41G51-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K7 2007 99011-21H50-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K8 2008 99011-21H51-SDE
  GSX-R1000 K9 2009 99011-47H50-SDE
  GSX-R1000(Z) L0 2010 99011-47H51-SDE
  GSX-R1000 L1 2011 99011-47H52-SDE
  SV1000(N)(S) K3 2003 99011-16G60-SDE
  SV1000(N)(S) K4 2004 99011-16G61-SDE
  SV1000(N)(S) K5 2005 99011-16G62-SDE
  SV1000 K6 2006 99011-16G63-SDE
  SV1000 K7 2007 99011-16G54-SDE
  TL1000R W 1998 99011-02F63-042
  TL1000R X 1999 99011-02F63-042
1200cc GSF1200(N)(S) BANDIT K1 2001 99011-31F60-SDE
  GSF1200(N)(S) BANDIT K2 2002 99011-31F61-SDE
  GSF1200(N)(S) BANDIT K3 2003 99011-31F62-SDE
  GSF1200(N)(S)(Z) BANDIT K4 2004 99011-31F63-SDE
  GSF1200(N)(S)(Z)(SZ) BANDIT K5 2005 99011-31F64-SDE
  GSF1200(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K6 2006 99011-49G50-SDE
  GSF1200(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K6 2006 99011-49G60-SDE
1250cc GSF1250(N)(S)(NA)(SA) BANDIT K7 2007 99011-18H60-01H
  GSF1250(N)(S)(NA)SA) BANDIT K8 2008 99011-18H61-01H
  GSF1250(N)(A)(S)(SA) BANDIT K9 2009 99011-18H62-01H
  GSF1250S(A) BANDIT L0 2010 99011-18H63-01H
  GSF1250(A) BANDIT L1 2011 99011-07J61-01H
1300cc GSX1300BK(A) B-KING K8 2008 99011-23H50-01H
  GSX1300BK(A) B-KING K8 2008 99011-23H60-01H
  GSX1300BK(A) B-KING K9 2009 99011-23H61-01H
  GSX1300BK(A) B-KING L0 2010 99011-23H62-01H
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K1 2001 99011-24F52-SDE
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K2 2002 99011-24F53-SDE
  GSX1300R(Z) HAYABUSA K3 2003 99011-24F54-SDE
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K4 2004 99011-24F55-SDE
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K5 2005 99011-24F56-SDE
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K6 2006 99011-24F57-SDE
  GSX1300RZ HAYABUSA K7 2007 99011-24F58-SDE
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K8 2008 99011-15H50-01H
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA K9 2009 99011-15H51-01H
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA L0 2010 99011-15H52-01H
  GSX1300R HAYABUSA L1 2011 99011-15H53-01H
1400cc GSX1400 K2 2002 99011-42F50-SDE
  GSX1400 K3 2003 99011-42F51-SDE
  GSX1400 K4 2004 99011-42F52-SDE
  GSX1400 K5 2005 99011-42F53-SDE
  GSX1400 K6 2006 99011-42F54-SDE
  GSX1400(Z) K7 2007 99011-42F55-SDE
1500cc VL1500 INTRUDER LC K3 2003 99011-10F55-SDE
  VL1500 INTRUDER LC K4 2004 99011-10F56-SDE
  VL1500 INTRUDER LC K5 2005 99011-10F57-SDE
  VL1500 INTRUDER LC K6 2006 99011-10F58-SDE
  VL1500 INTRUDER LC K7 2007 99011-10F59-SDE
  VL1500 INTRUDER LC K8 2008 99011-10F60-SDE
  VZ1500 INTRUDER K9 2009 99011-40H50-01H
  VZ1500 INTRUDER L0 2010 99011-40H51-01H
1600cc VZ1600 MARAUDER K4 2004 99011-11AB0-01R
  VZ1600 MARAUDER K5 2005 99011-11AB1-059
1800cc VLR1800R (C1800) INTRUDER K8 2008 99011-22H50-SDE
  C1800R (VLR1800) K9 2009 99011-22H51-SDE
  C1800R (VLR1800) INTRUDER L0 2010 99011-22H52-SDE
  C1800R (VLR1800) INTRUDER L1 2011 99011-22H53-01H
  VZR1800R (M1800) INTRUDER K6 2006 99011-48G50-SDE
  VZR1800R(Z) (M1800) INTRUDER K7 2007 99011-48G51-SDE
  VZR1800R(N)(Z)(R2) (M1800) INTRUDER K8 2008 99011-48G52-SDE
  VZR1800R(N)(Z)(R2) (M1800) INTRUDER K9 2009 99011-48G53-SDE
  VZR1800R(N)(Z)(R2) (M1800) INTRUDER L0 2010 99011-48G54-SDE
  VZR1800 L1 2011 99011-48G55-01H
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