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Kawasaki Quad & All Terrain Vehicle Model Recognition Table 1986 - 1988

Identify your Kawasaki ATV and Quad model

As Kawasaki distributes Kawasaki road bikes, Kawasaki motocross bikes and Kawasaki all terrain vehicles and Kawasaki Quads all around the world.
Below you can find a list with Kawasaki vehicle information, which might be helpful to identify your own model. The list contains following:

  • Kawasaki type / model
  • Model year of the type
  • Export area of the Kawasaki ATV / Quad models

It concerns all Kawasaki ATV and Quad models from 1986-1988:
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Check the Kawasaki list below, find your year and model and you can easily order original Kawasaki spares trough our online electronic Kawasaki spare parts catalog:

The Kawasaki ATV / Quad Model Prefix is alphabetical listed by Kawasaki model type code:

Kawasaki Model Recognition 1986 - 1988
  Production Year Export Area
Type Year Year Year Nort America Europe Others
KLF110-A1   1987      
KLF110-A2     1988    
KLF110-B1   1987      
KLF110-B2     1988    
KLT110-A3 1986        
KLF185-A2 1986    
KLF185-A3   1987  
KLF185-A4     1988
KLT185-A1 1986        
KLT185-A2   1987      
KLF220-A1     1988  
KSF250-A1   1987      
KSF250-A2     1988    
KXF250-A1   1987      
KXF250-A2     1988    
KXT25Q-B1 1986        
KXT250-B2   1987      
KLF300-A1 1986    
KLF300-A2   1987  
KLF300-A2     1988    
KLF300-B1     1988
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