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Yamaha RD350LCF 1988 COWLING 1

Below you will find the technical drawing for a COWLING 1, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Yamaha RD350LCF 1988 COWLING 1 for a 1988 Yamaha RD350LCF

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
151L283560300STAY 1 € 345.05
2901010862600Not available
3929060860000929070860000WASHER(6TA) € 0.43
4953060880000953070880000NUT, CAP € 1.28
547X2835G01AJCheck Availabilty Ur. Stormy Red
547X2835G016GCheck Availabilty Ur. New Yamaha Black
6904803539400904803552600GROMMET(3GM) € 4.30
747X21736000047X217360100NUT,PLATE € 4.87
8970160601600970170601600BOLT, HEXAGON € 0.68
9929060610000929070610000WASHER, SPRING € 0.43
101AG2837U0000Not available
1147X28346000036Y283480000MOLE 4 € 11.54
12901500502000SCREW, ROUND HEAD(46X) € 1.65
13957060550000957070550000NUT, FLANGE(3GM) € 0.77
141VU262800000Not available
151VU262900000Not available
16901051033000950271002500BOLT, SMALL FLANGE € 1.86
1751L2835U00GECheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White
1751L2835U006GCheck Availabilty Ur. New Yamaha Black
172UAW283U000XCheck Availabilty Ur. New Yamaha Black/midnight S
182UA283980000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb/mds
1951L282170000Check Availabilty
2090183050240090183051A000NUT, SPRING € 1.20
21902020518000WASHER, PLATE(1KT) € 2.85
22901100507900901100520100BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(3GM) € 2.43
2351L2835V00GECheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White
2351L2835V006GCheck Availabilty Ur. New Yamaha Black
232UAW283V000XCheck Availabilty Ur. New Yamaha Black/midnight S
242UA283990000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb/mds
25904801339800904801301400GROMMET € 1.40
2690387067K600COLLAR(51L) € 1.72
27901100607800901100620000BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(3HE) € 1.91
28901100609000BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(51L) € 2.96
2951L2835J00GECheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White
2951L2835J006GCheck Availabilty Ur. New Yamaha Black
3051L283710000Not available
3190183050240090183051A000NUT, SPRING € 1.20
32902020518000WASHER, PLATE(1KT) € 2.85
33901100507900901100520100BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(3GM) € 2.43
34904801339800904801301400GROMMET € 1.40
3590387067K600COLLAR(51L) € 1.72
36901100607800901100620000BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(3HE) € 1.91
371WT2834X2000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb
372UA2834X0000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb/mds
371WT2834X0000Not available Ur For Sw
38992310002500992410010000EMBLEM, YAMAHA Ur For Sw, Nyb € 12.74
38992360002500992460010000EMBLEM, YAMAHA Ur For Nyb/mds € 10.83
391WT283982000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb
391WT283980000Check Availabilty Ur For Sw
401WT283990000Check Availabilty Ur For Sw
401WT283992000Not available Ur For Nyb
411WT283680000Check Availabilty Ur For Sw
411WT283681000Not available Ur For Nyb
421WT2839A2000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb
421WT2839A0000Check Availabilty Ur For Sw
431WT2839E2000Check Availabilty Ur For Nyb
431WT2839E0000Check Availabilty Ur For Sw
44992330007000Check Availabilty Ur For Sw
44992310007000992410028000EMBLEM, YAMAHA Ur For Nyb € 20.98
44992360007000992460028000EMBLEM, YAMAHA Ur For Nyb/mds € 14.36
4551L2836M0000Check Availabilty
4651L28345000036Y283460000MOLE 2 € 4.56
4751L283440000Check Availabilty

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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