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Yamaha FZ750 GENESIS 1988 COWLING 2

Below you will find the technical drawing for a COWLING 2, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Yamaha FZ750 GENESIS 1988 COWLING 2 for a 1988 Yamaha FZ750 GENESIS

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
12KTW283E001XCheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White Fine Red
22KTW283E002XCheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White Dynasty Blue
33DXW283E003XCheck Availabilty Ur. Fine Silver Midnight Silver
42KT2836V0000Check Availabilty For Sw/frd
52KT2836V1000Check Availabilty For Sw/dyb
63DX2836V0000Check Availabilty For Fis/mds
72KT283960000Check Availabilty
8977065061400977075061400SCREW, PAN TAP.2 SLIT € 0.38
92KT2834G0000Check Availabilty
102KTW283F001XCheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White Fine Red
112KTW283F002XCheck Availabilty Ur. Silky White Dynasty Blue
123DXW283F003XCheck Availabilty Ur. Fine Silver Midnight Silver
132KT2836W0000Not available For Sw/dyb
142KT2836W1000Check Availabilty For Sw/dyb
153DX2836W0000Check Availabilty For Fis/mds
162KT283970000Not available
17977065061400977075061400SCREW, PAN TAP.2 SLIT € 0.38
182KT2834H0000Check Availabilty
1990183050240090183051A000NUT, SPRING € 1.20
20902020518000WASHER, PLATE(1KT) € 2.85
21901100507900901100520100BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(3GM) € 2.43
22901100607800901100620000BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD(3HE) € 1.91
23904801339800904801301400GROMMET € 1.40
2490387067N500COLLAR(1LJ) € 4.76
25901490522400901490529900SCREW(3YF) € 2.74
26902020518000WASHER, PLATE(1KT) € 2.85
27901790552300NUT(1KT) € 5.50
282KT2836M00GENot available Ur. Silky White
282KT2836M00LKCheck Availabilty Ur. Fine Silver
282KT2836M00VACheck Availabilty Ur. Dynasty Blue
29901490522400901490529900SCREW(3YF) € 2.74
30902020518000WASHER, PLATE(1KT) € 2.85
31901790552300NUT(1KT) € 5.50
322KT283280000Check Availabilty For Sw/frd
332KT283281000Check Availabilty For Sw/dyb
343DX283280000Not available For Fis/mds
352KT283380000Check Availabilty For Sw/frd
362KT283381000Check Availabilty For Sw/dyb
373DX283380000Check Availabilty For Fis/mds
382AX283150000Check Availabilty For Sw/frd
392KT283151000EMBLEM For Sw/dyb € 28.36
40992340007000992440028000EMBLEM, YAMAHA For Fis/mds € 12.74

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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