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Suzuki TS250X 1987 TURNSIGNAL LAMP (E2-E15-E16-E17-E18-E22)

Below you will find the technical drawing for a TURNSIGNAL LAMP (E2-E15-E16-E17-E18-E22), beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki TS250X 1987 TURNSIGNAL LAMP (E2-E15-E16-E17-E18-E22) for a 1987 Suzuki TS250X

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
13560113A20000Check Availabilty E2~F.NO.107395
13560113A60000Check Availabilty E22
13560148780999Check Availabilty E15,E16,E18
13560101A70Not available E2, E17 F.NO.107396~
13560148780999Check Availabilty E17~F.NO.107395
23561213690000Check Availabilty E22
23561201A70Lens,front turn E2, E17 F.NO.107396~ € 3.72
235612485303561201A70Not available
33561328620Gasket,turn sig € 2.15
40321104258032110425BScrew tapp. € 1.32
43562513690000Check Availabilty E22
53562743010Gasket,turn sig € 1.19
609471120454050300838120Bulb ,12v,21w € 1.09
609471120560947112045Not available E15,E16
73567113A20000Check Availabilty
83568113A20000Check Availabilty
90211205105021120510BScrew € 1.10
100832121055083210105BWasher,lock € 1.84
110214205124021420512BNot available
1209160120480916012089Washer 12.5x26x € 1.16
130832121125083210112ANot available
1408310121280831000127Not available
153560313A70Lamp assy,rear E2, E17 F.NO.107396~ € 43.24
153560313A20000Check Availabilty E15
153560313A20000Check Availabilty E2, E17~F.NO.107395
153560313A80999Lamp assy rear E16,E18 € 50.79
153560313A60000Check Availabilty E22
163561213690000Check Availabilty E22
163565201A70Not available E2, E17 F.NO.107396~
163561248510Not available
173561328620Gasket,turn sig € 2.15
183562513690000Check Availabilty E22
180321104258032110425BScrew tapp. € 1.32
193562743010Gasket,turn sig € 1.19
2009471120454050300838120Bulb ,12v,21w € 1.09
2009471120560947112045Not available E15,E16
2109160120480916012089Washer 12.5x26x € 1.16
220832121125083210112ANot available
2308310121280831000127Not available
243562013A50000Check Availabilty E16,E22
250151712205000Check Availabilty E16,E22
2609160120480916012089Washer 12.5x26x E16,E22 € 1.16
270832121125083210112ANot available E16,E22
2808310121280831000127Not available E16,E22
2938610313103861031X50Not available
3038610450913861006F00Relay assy,turn E22 € 55.39
3038610450913861006F00Relay assy,turn E2 F.NO.107396~ € 55.39
313862113A10000Check Availabilty
320211206125021120612BNot available
330832121064083210106AWasher,lock € 1.08

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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