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Kawasaki KX60 1991 CARBURETOR

Below you will find the technical drawing for a CARBURETOR, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki KX60 1991 CARBURETOR for a 1991 Kawasaki KX60

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
223223B0416223AA0416SCREW-PAN-WS-CROS KX60-A2
EUR 0.14
11009110091147GASKET,FLOAT CHAMBER KX80-B1
EUR 4.78
13169131691226131691951PLATE,TUBE CLAMP KE175-D3
EUR 3.30
15001150011384CARBURETOR-ASSY KX60-B4
EUR 192.57
1600216002011CABLE ADJUSTER KX80-B1
EUR 6.89
EUR 3.09
1600416004025CAP,MIXING CHAMBER KH400-A3
EUR 17.59
1600616006023SPRING,THROTTLE VALV KE175-D3
EUR 7.43
1600716007023SPRING SEAT,THRTL VL KE125-A6
EUR 4.92
1600816008010CIRCLIP Z650-F2
EUR 3.48
16009160091220NEEDLE-JET,5I14-3 KX60-A2
EUR 18.77
16016160161052160160008PLUNGER,STARTER KX60-A2
EUR 23.69
16017160171215JET-NEEDLE,N-8 KX60-A2
EUR 25.05
16017a160171216JET-NEEDLE,O-0 KX60-A2
EUR 25.05
16017b160171217JET-NEEDLE,O-2 KX60-A2
EUR 25.05
16017c160171259JET-NEEDLE,N-6 KX60-B1
EUR 25.05
16017d160171268JET-NEEDLE,N-4 KX60-B1
EUR 25.05
16021160211104160211108SCREW-THROTTLE STOP KX60-A2
EUR 10.01
1602216022005SPRING-THR STOP SCREW KE125-A8
EUR 3.66
16025160251107VALVE-THROTTLE,CA2.0 KX60-A2
EUR 64.43
1602916029004WASHER-FLOAT VLV SEAT Z650-F2
EUR 1.72
1603016030005FLOAT VALVE ASSY KH400-A3
EUR 29.14
16031160311005FLOAT KX80-B1
EUR 29.07
160321603200316032008FLOAT PIN Z650-F2
EUR 2.87
16049160491001COVER,MAIN JET KX80-B1
EUR 13.32
16065160651020HOLDER,NEEDLE JET KX80-B1
EUR 9.29
9203692036018CIRCLIP KE125-A8
EUR 1.69
92037a920371712CLAMP KX80-G1
EUR 2.23
9203792037147CLAMP,CHAIN OILER Z1000-J1
EUR 3.09
92055920551061""O""RING,MAIN JET COVR KX80-B1
EUR 3.98
92059b920591396920591755TUBE,3X5X270 KX60-A2
EUR 4.05
92059a920591395920591755TUBE,3X5X160 KX60-A2
EUR 4.05
92059920591393920591596TUBE,5.3X10.5X130 KX60-A2
EUR 11.31
9206392063020MAIN JET #180 COMMON
EUR 6.89
92063a92063021MAIN JET #190
EUR 6.89
92063c92063023MAIN JET #210
EUR 6.89
92063d92063024MAIN JET #220
EUR 7.36
92063b92063022MAIN JET #200
EUR 6.89
92064920641023PILOT JET,#35 KX80-B1
EUR 8.97
92064a920641030JET-PILOT,#30 KX60-A2
EUR 8.97
92064b920641038JET-PILOT,#25 KX60-A2
EUR 8.97
92064c920641104JET-PILOT,#40 KX60-A2
EUR 8.97
92064d920641110JET-PILOT,#20 KX60-B1
EUR 8.97

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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