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Kawasaki KX125 1994 FRONT FORK

Below you will find the technical drawing for a FRONT FORK, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki KX125 1994 FRONT FORK for a 1994 Kawasaki KX125

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
11009110091791Not available
11012110121692CAP KX125-G1
EUR 2.69
13070130701277130701277RZGUIDE,PROTECTOR,LH KX500-E6
EUR 14.25
13070a130701278130701278RZGUIDE,PROTECTOR,RH KX500-E6
EUR 14.25
13091130911651HOLDER KX500-E2
EUR 12.81
32085320851323STOPPER KX500-E2
EUR 8.83
4400844008103114Not available
44013440131401Not available
44013a440131402Not available
44018440181056PISTON-FORK,INNER PIP KDX200-F
EUR 14.10
44022440221298Not available
44026440261526Not available
44026a440261531Not available
44026b440261533440261529Not available
44028a440281094Not available
44028440281081GUIDE-FORK SPRING KX500-E3
EUR 6.06
44029440291156Not available
44037440371298Not available
44039440391226Not available
44063440631060HOLDER-FRONT AXLE KX250-J2
EUR 33.05
4407044070126914DAMPER-ASSY,FORK,LH,G KX125-K1
EUR 895.05
44070a44070127014DAMPER-ASSY,FORK,RH,G KX125-K1
EUR 895.05
46102461021340Not available
46102a461021352Not available
49116491161118Not available
55020550201492RZ550201554RZGUARD,FORK,LH,WHITE KX125-K1
EUR 29.97
55020a550201493RZGUARD,FORK,RH,WHITE KX125-K1
EUR 29.97
92009920091568SCREW KX500-E1
EUR 3.09
92015920151057NUT,24M/M Z1300-A3
EUR 6.85
92015a920151078922100630NUT,6M/M Z750-L1
EUR 0.97
92015c920151945NUT KX500-E6
EUR 6.35
92015b920151905NUT KX250-J2
EUR 9.76
92022a92022250WASHER,PLAIN Z750-L1
EUR 2.23
92022920221299WASHER,FORK KX250-B1
EUR 4.02
92028920281670BUSHING KX250-J2
EUR 12.13
92033920331077RING-SNAP KX250-B1
EUR 2.23
92033a920331271RING-SNAP KX500-E2
EUR 2.73
92037920371627CLAMP KX125-D1
EUR 11.88
92049920491373SEAL-OIL KX500-E3
EUR 13.86
92055a920551333RING-O,REAR SHOCK KX125-A7
EUR 2.23
92055b920551441670B1503RING-O KX500-E1
EUR 1.72
92055c920551442RING-O KX125-G1
EUR 3.45
92055d920551513920551462Not available
92055920551062670B2022RING-O,FORK TOP CAP KH125-K1
EUR 1.94
92093920931342SEAL,FORK OUTER TUBE KX125-J1
EUR 9.26
92143921431690COLLAR,FORK KX125-K1
EUR 15.22
92150a921501516BOLT, FLANGED 8X40 KX125-H2
EUR 6.35
92150b921501802BOLT,5X16 KX125-K1
EUR 2.23
92150921501435BOLT KDX125-A1
EUR 1.80
92170921701088CLAMP KX250-G1
EUR 11.88

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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