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    - Strömich, Carsten

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Because MSP was created by people that know and love all things on 2 wheels

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When you combine the experience of the company owners they have racked up over 100 years in the motorcycle market and it’s this knowledge combined with a real focus on making sure you get treated right that help us deliver a service that keeps our customers coming back.

We wanted to deliver a site that gives motorcycle enthusiasts instant access to as many genuine parts and accessories as we could. To make this happen we spent a lot of time and effort to deliver a unique search function that allows you to find the specific items you need using the manufacturers component diagrams. Ordering online is quick and easy, and of course 100% secure. All parts are hand packed by our knowledgeable and helpful staff and despatched safely using DHL. We don’t add a single cent to the cost of shipping - the price you pay is what DHL takes from us.

We are a big company with big plans, and we understand the importance of remembering the most important person in all of this is you. So thanks for visiting MSP - we won’t let you down.