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Suzuki TS250X 1987 FRAME COVER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a FRAME COVER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki TS250X 1987 FRAME COVER for a 1987 Suzuki TS250X

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
26813013A00722Check Availabilty FOR 163
26813013A00291Check Availabilty FOR 14C,21C
347122142014716728C10Not available
44711013A2012XCheck Availabilty
44711013A2014LCheck Availabilty
44711013A2025YCheck Availabilty
56813013A00722Check Availabilty FOR 03X,25Y
56813013A00291Check Availabilty FOR 14C,21C,14L
56813013A0010WCheck Availabilty FOR 12X
66868120A1090JCheck Availabilty FOR 12X
66868120A1072FCheck Availabilty FOR 03X,25Y
66868120A1090HCheck Availabilty FOR 14C,21C,14L
747122142014716728C10Not available
80214206127Screw 6x12 € 0.80
94715513A00000Check Availabilty
100916906011Washer,lock € 1.72
110932008018Cushion € 1.80
124740013A00000Check Availabilty
146814013A00291Check Availabilty FOR 14C,21C
146814013A00722Check Availabilty FOR 163
154721013A2014LCheck Availabilty
154721013A2025YCheck Availabilty
154721013A2012XCheck Availabilty
166814013A00291Check Availabilty FOR 14C,21C,14L
166814013A0010WCheck Availabilty FOR 12X
166814013A00722Check Availabilty FOR 03X,25Y
176868120A1090HCheck Availabilty FOR 14C,21C,14L
176868120A1090JCheck Availabilty FOR 12X
176868120A1072FCheck Availabilty FOR 03X,25Y
184716134A00Not available
190214206127Screw 6x12 € 0.80
200916906011Washer,lock € 1.72
214552204700Grommet,seat lo € 1.78

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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