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Suzuki DR800S(U) 1990 STEERING STEM

Below you will find the technical drawing for a STEERING STEM, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki DR800S(U) 1990 STEERING STEM for a 1990 Suzuki DR800S(U)

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
15141044B11000Check Availabilty E15,E16,E17,E22
15141044B01Not available
20926530009Roller bearing € 42.13
309265250080926525019Bearing € 32.18
45164340200Dust seal,steer € 4.15
55163140200Nut,strng stem € 7.72
63595644B00000Check Availabilty E39
73595744B00000Check Availabilty E39
85862144B00Not available
93493844B10Not available
100110708505000Check Availabilty
110832131084000Check Availabilty
125131144B10000Check Availabilty
135135344B005135324B00Not available
145135627A005135624B01Not available
155862244B10Not available
160110710455000Check Availabilty
170832131105000Check Availabilty
185622114330291Holder,handleba € 22.81
1951321142005632128C00Not available
205624114A00Cushion,handle € 20.71
215624144B00000Check Availabilty
225624344B00000Check Availabilty
230831931107Nut € 1.60
240411120308PIN 20X30 € 0.66
255621127200291Holder,handleba € 8.09
260120408354000Check Availabilty
270832121084083210108AWasher,lock,8.2 € 1.08
285849144B00000Check Availabilty
290211205108000Check Availabilty
305190033811Lock assy,steer € 26.19
310211205257Screw 5x25 € 1.12
320832121057WASHER,LOCK € 0.00
335190030901Lock,steering E15,E16,E22 € 36.93
345191545000Label,str.lock E17 € 1.00

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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