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Suzuki DR350S 1991 REAR FENDER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a REAR FENDER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki DR350S 1991 REAR FENDER for a 1991 Suzuki DR350S

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
16311214D00Body,rr fend,fr € 18.81
26311314D3130HCheck Availabilty E22
26311314D0130HCheck Availabilty
36312014D11REINFORCEMENT DR350SL/SM/SN/SP € 90.20
46331103D01Extension,rr fe E2,E4,E21,E24,E25,E34,E94 € 20.71
46331103D11000Check Availabilty E15,E16,E17,E18,E39
46331103D30000Check Availabilty E22
56332003D02Not available
60910308291000Check Availabilty
70214206125021420612BScrew 6x12 € 1.04
809169060510916906045Washer € 1.40
90910308292000Check Availabilty
1009180080300918008187Spacer 8.8x12x7 € 1.88
116319114D00000Check Availabilty -09320-12011
120910608105Bolt € 2.56
1301517061670155006167Bolt 6x16 € 1.40
140916906038Washer € 1.36
150117708168000Check Availabilty
160916014032Washer,14.2x26x € 0.87
170117706166015800616ABolt € 1.40
180932106013Cushion € 1.20
196319214D00000Check Availabilty
209570003810Not available
210211205125021420512BScrew € 1.04
2209800200390980021024Tool set € 34.62
236333103D00Mud guard,rear E15,E16,E17,E18,E39 € 19.09
236333103D30000Check Availabilty E22
240214215165000Check Availabilty E15,E16,E17,E18,E22,E39
2509148050230914805013Nut E15,E16,E17,E18,E22,E39 € 1.04
260916005016000Check Availabilty E15,E16,E17,E18,E22,E39
270832121056000Check Availabilty E15,E16,E17,E18,E22,E39
280831022056083100005BNut 5mm E15,E16,E17,E18,E22,E39 € 1.34
296831915D40000Check Availabilty E34
296831915D20000Check Availabilty E18,E22,E39
296831915D51000Check Availabilty E94
296831915D006831933E01Not available
296831915D30000Check Availabilty E4,E21
306862301B00Label,unleaded E24 € 1.08
306862317D006862314F00Label,caution E2 € 1.65
316839314D10000Check Availabilty
316839314D20000Check Availabilty E4,E21
316839314D30000Check Availabilty E22
316839314D40000Check Availabilty E34
316839314D60000Check Availabilty E94
326833214D10000Check Availabilty E22,DRAWING NOT SHOWN
326833214D20000Check Availabilty E94,DRAWING NOT SHOWN
326833214D00000Check Availabilty DRAWING NOT SHOWN

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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