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Suzuki DR125S 1985 REAR FENDER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a REAR FENDER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki DR125S 1985 REAR FENDER for a 1985 Suzuki DR125S

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
16311242A00000Check Availabilty
20110706125015000612BBolt € 1.52
30110706165015000616ABolt 6x16 € 1.04
409169060280916906031Washer € 1.56
56311313A1014CCheck Availabilty
56311313A1019FCheck Availabilty
56311313A1021CCheck Availabilty
56311313A1010VCheck Availabilty
56311313A10163Check Availabilty E2
66319113A00000Check Availabilty
70932012011Cushion € 1.12
809180080210918008188Spacer 8.2x12x7 € 1.44
90151708304015500830ABolt E2,E18 € 1.84
90910308197Bolt E1,E4,E24 € 0.80
100831931087Nut € 1.40
116312042A01000Check Availabilty E2,E15,E18,E21
116312042A11000Check Availabilty E1,E4,E24
120910308102000Check Availabilty
130831931085083193108ANut € 1.40
1409250130010925013004Not available
150932106016Cushion € 1.09
166341142A0063411C42A00Not available
170214206167Screw € 0.80
180916006019Washer,6.5x16x1 € 0.80
1909169060250916906010Lock washer € 1.48
2094900428107TRCheck Availabilty
2101107062570911806086Not available
2209160060070916006084Not available
230831931066000Check Availabilty
2409180060110918006263Spacer 6.1x9x9 € 1.20
259570035821Not available
260910606024071300610BNot available
270832121064083210106AWasher,lock € 1.08
286319144A00000Check Availabilty
296341244A00000Check Availabilty
300940714403Clamp,l:125 € 1.32
316331113A00000Check Availabilty E1,E24
320151706126015500612BNot available E1,E24
330214206164021420616ANot available E1,E24
3409169060280916906031Washer E1,E24 € 1.56
350831931066000Check Availabilty E1,E24
366331113A30000Check Availabilty E2,E4,E21
376332013A30000Check Availabilty E2,E4,E21
3801107061670150006167Not available E2,E4,E21
3909160060070916006084Not available E2,E4,E21
400214206164021420616ANot available E2,E4,E21
416331113A10000Check Availabilty E15,E18
426332044A00Not available E15,E18
4301107061670150006167Not available E15,E18
4409160060070916006084Not available E15,E18
450214206164021420616ANot available E15,E18

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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