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Suzuki RG125F(U) 1994 FRAME COVER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a FRAME COVER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki RG125F(U) 1994 FRAME COVER for a 1994 Suzuki RG125F(U)

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
14711019DE017UCheck Availabilty E2,E4,E34 FOR 1ZX
14711019DE00JWCheck Availabilty E2,E4,E34 FOR M18
14711019DG00JWCheck Availabilty E15,E18 FOR M18
14711019DG017UCheck Availabilty E15,E18 FOR 1ZX
26813519D30C3TCheck Availabilty FOR 0JW
26813519D30C5MCheck Availabilty FOR 17U
36813619D40C5NCheck Availabilty FOR 0JW
36813619D40C5PCheck Availabilty FOR 17U
46813119D40C5RCheck Availabilty FOR 0JW
46813119D40C5SCheck Availabilty FOR 17U
54716119D00000Check Availabilty
64721019DE017UCheck Availabilty E2,E4,E34 FOR 1ZX
64721019DG017UCheck Availabilty E15,E18 FOR 1ZX
64721019DE00JWCheck Availabilty E2,E4,E34 FOR M18
64721019DG00JWCheck Availabilty E15,E18 FOR M18
76814519D30C3TCheck Availabilty FOR 0JW
76814519D30C5MCheck Availabilty FOR 17U
86814619D40C5NCheck Availabilty FOR 0JW
86814619D40C5PCheck Availabilty FOR 17U
96813119D40C5RCheck Availabilty FOR 0JW
96813119D40C5SCheck Availabilty FOR 17U
104716119D00000Check Availabilty
110932008018Cushion € 1.80
124716812C00Nut,cntr cover € 3.38
130214205103021420510AScrew € 0.83
149443326B00Cushion € 2.76
1509180060270918006258Spacer € 1.32
160916006054Washer € 0.96
170214206207Screw,m6x1x20 € 0.80
189443326B00Cushion € 2.76
1909180060270918006258Spacer € 1.32
200913606109Screw € 1.52
214731119D0017UCheck Availabilty
214731019D9017UCheck Availabilty E18
214731119D000JWCheck Availabilty
214731019D900JWCheck Availabilty E18
220324115123032411512BScrew € 1.44
230914805019Nut € 1.32
240314115123000Check Availabilty
250914805038Nut € 1.20
264741022D12Bracket,tail l. € 26.59
270354114123035411412AScrew € 1.20
280324115123032411512BScrew € 1.44
290914805019Nut € 1.32
3009320080480932008501Cushion € 1.84
3109180060440918006248Spacer 6.1x8x9. € 1.60
3209116060100150006207Bolt € 1.20
3309160060060916006084Washer € 1.04
340930817002Not available E15,E18

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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