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Suzuki RG125(A)(B)(U)(AU)(BU) GAMMA 1988 COWLING (2WB-3HZ)

Below you will find the technical drawing for a COWLING (2WB-3HZ), beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki RG125(A)(B)(U)(AU)(BU) GAMMA 1988 COWLING (2WB-3HZ) for a 1988 Suzuki RG125(A)(B)(U)(AU)(BU) GAMMA

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
19441036A8030HCheck Availabilty FOR 2WB
19441036A800CYBody, cowling FOR 3HZ € 249.29
26818505C10019Emblem,cowling FOR 30H € 6.70
26818505C10742Emblem,cowling FOR 0CY € 7.04
36827037A002WBCheck Availabilty FOR 30H
36827037A003HZCheck Availabilty FOR 0CY
49443037A000CYCheck Availabilty
49443037A0030HCheck Availabilty
49443037A200CYCheck Availabilty E15, E17, E18, E30, RG125U E4
49443037A2030HCheck Availabilty E15, E17, E18, E30, RG125U E4
56868137A003FUCheck Availabilty FOR 30H
56868137A003JCCheck Availabilty FOR 0CY
66868037A0028VCheck Availabilty FOR 30H
66868037A0020GCheck Availabilty FOR 0CY
79443416710Nut € 3.16
89444037A2030HCheck Availabilty E15, E17, E18, E30, RG125U E4
89444037A200CYCheck Availabilty E15, E17, E18, E30, RG125U E4
89444037A0030HCheck Availabilty
89444037A000CYCheck Availabilty
96868137A003FUCheck Availabilty FOR 30H
96868137A003JCCheck Availabilty FOR 0CY
106869037A0028VCheck Availabilty FOR 30H
106869037A0020GCheck Availabilty FOR 0CY
119443416710Nut € 3.16
129461136A00Screen,cowling € 230.48
139463136A00000Check Availabilty
139463136A10000Check Availabilty E17
140913905024Screw € 1.08
150932005008Cushion € 1.80
160832221055083220105BWasher,5mm € 1.32
170831921055083192105ANut 8mm € 1.08
189451036A10Brace,cowling € 94.31
190712006165000Check Availabilty
209452036A10000Check Availabilty
219459036A10000Check Availabilty
220712006168000Check Availabilty
239453036A10000Check Availabilty
249454036A10000Check Availabilty
2501517061670155006167Bolt 6x16 € 1.40
260214205257000Check Availabilty
270916105010Washer € 1.20
289461936A10Nut € 4.85
290916010026000Check Availabilty
300214206167Screw € 0.80
310916106008Not available
329443836A00000Check Availabilty
339443936A00000Check Availabilty
3409160060270916006077Washer,6.5x20x1 € 1.16
350831626068083162006ANut 6mm € 1.80
360214206207Screw,m6x1x20 € 0.80
379444836A01000Check Availabilty
389447036A7030HCheck Availabilty E15, E17, E18, E30, RG125U E4
389447036A700CYCheck Availabilty E15, E17, E18, E30, RG125U E4
396811134301019681113432033JEmblem,suzuki FOR 30H € 10.60
396811134301742681113433013LNot available FOR 0CY
406818037A00A43Check Availabilty FOR 30H
406818037A00A42Check Availabilty FOR 0CY
419457036A00000Check Availabilty
429461936A10Nut € 4.85
4301517061670155006167Bolt 6x16 € 1.40
440214205207Screw € 1.12
450214205167Screw 5x16 € 0.80
469447036A7030HCheck Availabilty OPT
469447036A700CYCheck Availabilty OPT
476811134301019681113432033JEmblem,suzuki FOR 30H, OPT € 10.60
476811134301742681113433013LNot available FOR 0CY, OPT
486818037A00A43Check Availabilty FOR 30H, OPT
486818037A00A42Check Availabilty FOR 0CY, OPT
499457036A00000Check Availabilty OPT
509461936A10Nut OPT € 4.85
5101517061670155006167Bolt 6x16 OPT € 1.40
520214205207Screw OPT € 1.12
5308322210570832201057Not available OPT
5402142051280214205127Not available OPT
5509148050230914805013Nut OPT € 1.04
566831940C006831933E01Label,warning € 3.39
566831940C306831933E31Not available E4

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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