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Suzuki GV1400(GD)(GC)(GT) 1986 FRAME UPPER COVER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a FRAME UPPER COVER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Suzuki GV1400(GD)(GC)(GT) 1986 FRAME UPPER COVER for a 1986 Suzuki GV1400(GD)(GC)(GT)

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
14730024A0012SCheck Availabilty GV1409GT
14730024A0024HCheck Availabilty GV1409GD
14730024A0024KCheck Availabilty GV1409GT
14730024A0027UCheck Availabilty GV1400GC
14730024A0024VCheck Availabilty GV1400GC
14730024A0024GCheck Availabilty GV1409GD
24731524A02000Check Availabilty
34731624A02000Check Availabilty
44739124A01000Check Availabilty
54739224A01000Check Availabilty
6473002484027UCheck Availabilty GV1400GC
6473002484024VCheck Availabilty GC1400GC
6473002482024GCheck Availabilty GV1409GD
6473002482024HCheck Availabilty GV1400GD
76861724A00000Check Availabilty GV1400GD
76861824A00000Check Availabilty GV1400GC
8473002483012SCheck Availabilty GV1409GT
8473002483024KCheck Availabilty GV1400GT
96861124A00000Check Availabilty
106828224A007ZWNot available
114738024A0024GCheck Availabilty GV1400GD
114738024A0024HCheck Availabilty GV1400GD
114738024A0024KCheck Availabilty GV1400GT
114738024A0024VCheck Availabilty GV1400GC
114738024A0012SCheck Availabilty GV1400GT
114738024A0027UCheck Availabilty GV1409GC
124738524A01000Check Availabilty
130354105083035410508AScrew 5x8 € 0.80
144738224A01000Check Availabilty
154738824A00000Check Availabilty
160214204105021420410AScrew € 0.75
170832221045083220104BWasher € 1.34
180831311045000Check Availabilty
194763524A01000Check Availabilty
200354105125000Check Availabilty
210944407001000Check Availabilty
220944407002000Check Availabilty
230354104125035410412AScrew € 0.80
244763324A00000Check Availabilty
254763424A00000Check Availabilty
264763124A01000Check Availabilty
274763224A01000Check Availabilty
280354105108000Check Availabilty
290211205164021120516BScrew € 1.08
300821205161Washer € 1.16
310831921055083192105ANut 8mm € 1.08
324738924A01000Check Availabilty
334781024A01Not available GV1400GC
334781024A01Not available GV1400GD/GT
344782024A01000Check Availabilty GV1400GC
344782024A01000Check Availabilty GV1409GD/GT
354725038A01Boss,fr.headr € 4.30
364785024A00000Check Availabilty
370932008013Cushion € 1.48
3801517061270155006127Not available
394783024A00Not available
404784024A00Not available
410930805019Grommet € 3.28
420211206203021120620BScrew, 6x20 € 1.08
430832121063083210106ANot available
4409160060390916006109Washer 6.5x18x1 € 1.16
459570024820Lock assy,tool € 54.09
469570024880000Check Availabilty
470211203068021120306BNot available
480916203001Washer,lock € 0.84
490932008018Cushion € 1.80
500214206164021420616ANot available
5109169060340916906071Washer € 1.48
520110706256015000625BNot available
530832211063000Check Availabilty
5409180060440918006248Spacer 6.1x8x9. € 1.60
550922906004000Check Availabilty
560150006207Bolt € 1.20
570916006052Washer 6.5x16x1 € 0.88
580918006141Spacer € 3.30
590110706255015000625BBolt GV1409GT € 1.30
600832221064083220106AWasher GV1400GT € 1.08
6109160060310916006125Washer 6.3x14x1 GV1400GT € 1.16
6209180060310918006296Not available GV1400GT
636861424A01000Check Availabilty
646861624A02000Check Availabilty GV1400GD/GT
646861624A20000Check Availabilty GV1400GC

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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