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Kawasaki KX250 1992 CARBURETOR

Below you will find the technical drawing for a CARBURETOR, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki KX250 1992 CARBURETOR for a 1992 Kawasaki KX250

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
130130B0614130BA0614BOLT-FLANGED ZX1100-A1
EUR 0.22
130a130J0620130CB0620BOLT-FLANGED,6X20 EX305-A1
EUR 1.80
132a132G0620132BA0620BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KX125-C1
EUR 1.08
132132G0620132BA0620BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KX125-C1
EUR 1.08
132132G0616132BA0616BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KX125-C1
EUR 0.79
132132E0620920021607BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL EN450-A1
EUR 2.12
132a132J0612920021569BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KL250-D2
EUR 1.80
220220B0406220AA0406SCREW-PAN-CROS,4X6 KDX200-A2
EUR 1.69
220220B0612220AA0612SCREW-PAN HEAD,6X12 COMMON
EUR 0.57
223223C0416223AB0416SCREW-PAN-WS-CROS KL600-A1
EUR 1.80
670a670B2018'O' RING 18MM G
EUR 0.54
670b670B2020'O' RING,20MM G
EUR 0.54
670670B2014'O' RING,14MM G
EUR 0.47
11009110091716GASKET,FLOAT CHAMBER KDX200-C3
EUR 6.60
11009a110091717GASKET,CHAMBER CAP KDX200-C3
EUR 5.42
13159131591063CONNECTOR,THROTTLE CA KX125-H1
EUR 9.44
15001150011755Not available
16002160021057ADJUSTER-CABLE KXF250-A2
EUR 9.29
16004160041070CAP-CHAMBER KDX200-E2
EUR 34.49
16009160091694Not available
16009a160091695Not available
16009b160091696Not available
16009c160091697Not available
16009d160091698Not available
16009e160091699Not available
16009f160091700Not available
16009g160091701Not available
16009h160091702Not available
16009i160091703Not available
16014160141058SCREW-PILOT AIR KX125-F1
EUR 10.19
16016160161075PLUNGER KX125-F1
EUR 21.61
16021160211124SCREW-THROTTLE STOP KDX200-C3
EUR 10.41
16025160251163VALVE-THROTTLE,CA7 KX500-E2
EUR 99.78
16030160301057VALVE-FLOAT KL600-A1
EUR 27.28
16031160311067FLOAT KDX200-C3
EUR 29.07
1604416044007CLIP, FLOAT VALVE Z750-L1
EUR 2.66
16049160491051COVER-MAIN JET KX80-L1
EUR 17.48
16065160651168HOLDER-CARBURETOR KX250-F1
EUR 62.85
92015920151707Not available
92015a920151772NUT,CABLE ADJUST LOCK KDX200-E
EUR 2.23
92022920221298WASHER,FORK OUTER TUB KX125-B1
EUR 4.02
92026920261404SPACER ZR750-C1
EUR 4.02
92033920331036CIRCLIP Z1300-A3
EUR 2.91
9203692036018CIRCLIP KE125-A8
EUR 1.69
92037b92037147CLAMP,CHAIN OILER Z1000-J1
EUR 3.09
92037c920371486CLAMP,55MM KL600-A1
EUR 3.98
92037920371897CLAMP,HOSE KL650-A1
EUR 6.96
92037920371396CLAMP,TUBE KX250-C1
EUR 2.41
92037a920371898CLAMP,HOSE KL650-A1
EUR 4.02
92037d920371969CLAMP,HOSE KDX200-C3
EUR 3.30
92037a920371401CLAMP,JET NEEDLE ZX750-FR1
EUR 1.76
92043920431207920431148PIN,FLOAT KL600-A1
EUR 3.37
92049920491389SEAL-OIL,FORK OUTER T KLE500-A
EUR 10.73
92055920551321670B3032RING-O ZX1000-B1
EUR 0.47
92055920551167RING-O,MAIN JET COVER KX250-C1
EUR 4.52
92059920591897920591899TUBE,3.5X6.5X330 KDX200-C3
EUR 4.88
92059a920591898TUBE,4X7X480 KX250-F1
EUR 6.82
92063b920631369JET-MAIN,#162 KX80-L1
EUR 6.89
92063c920631370JET-MAIN,#165 KX80-L1
EUR 6.89
92063d920631371JET-MAIN KX125-F1
EUR 6.89
92063920631367JET-MAIN,#158 KX80-L1
EUR 6.89
92063a920631368JET-MAIN KX80-L1
EUR 6.89
92063e920631377JET-MAIN,#182 KX125-F1
EUR 7.21
92064a920641145JET-PILOT,#55 KX80-L1
EUR 8.40
92064b920641146JET-PILOT KX125-F1
EUR 8.97
92064c920641147JET-PILOT KX125-F1
EUR 8.97
92064d920641148JET-PILOT KX80-L1
EUR 8.97
92064920641130JET-PILOT,#52 KDX200-C3
EUR 8.40
92072920721077BAND,BOOT KX125-B1
EUR 4.95
92075a92075277DAMPER Z250-G2
EUR 0.47
92081920811555SPRING,ADJUST SCREW KX250-C1
EUR 2.41
92093920931206SEAL,FORK KLE500-A1
EUR 9.44
EUR 10.70
92144921441072SPRING,AIR CUT VALVE ZG1000-A1
EUR 4.67
92144921441305SPRING,THROTTLE VALVE KX250-F1
EUR 8.79
92150921501186BOLT ZX1000-B1
EUR 1.80
92150921501307120CB0830BOLT KL500-B1
EUR 2.23
92150b921501516BOLT, FLANGED 8X40 KX125-H2
EUR 6.35
92170921701077CLAMP,COOLING HOSE EN450-A4
EUR 4.49
92170921701088CLAMP KX250-G1
EUR 11.88
92170921701054CLAMP,TUBE ZX1000-B1
EUR 3.27
92170a921701286921710261CLAMP ZX400-G1
EUR 9.98
92170a921701286921710261CLAMP ZX400-G1
EUR 9.98
92170b921701491CLAMP EX500-D1
EUR 3.52
92170c921701492CLAMP EX500-D1
EUR 2.23
92170d921701493CLAMP EX500-D1
EUR 2.23
92190921901292920593731TUBE,5.8X10.8X140 KX125-J1
EUR 3.12
92190921901039TUBE,L=105 EX500-A3
EUR 5.63
92200922001091WASHER,FORK OUTER TUB KLE500-A
EUR 3.30

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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