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Kawasaki KX250 1989 ENGINE COVER(S)

Below you will find the technical drawing for a ENGINE COVER(S), beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki KX250 1989 ENGINE COVER(S) for a 1989 Kawasaki KX250

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
130a130P0520130CA0520BOLT-FLANGED KX60-B1
EUR 0.79
130130P0510130CA0510BOLT-FLANGED KX80-G2
EUR 1.11
132a132G0630132BA0630BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL ZX900-A1
EUR 1.08
132b132G0810132BA0810BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KX125-D1
EUR 1.80
132132G0625920021609BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KL600-A1
EUR 1.98
220a220B0625220AA0625SCREW-PAN HEAD,6X25 ALL
EUR 0.93
220220B0306220AA0306SCREW-PAN-CROS EX305-B2
EUR 0.14
600600A1000BALL-STEEL,5/16' COMMON
EUR 0.14
EUR 1.80
11009110091446110091952GASKET,WATER PUMP KX60-B1
EUR 2.23
11009a110091464110091953GASKET,WATER PUMP COV KX250-D1
EUR 3.27
11009b110091626110601458Not available
11009c110091698110091954GASKET,CLUTCH COVER,I KX250-F1
EUR 14.11
11009d110091699110601460Not available
12053120531233Not available
13070130701122GUIDE KX125-D1
EUR 39.41
13168131681342131681494Not available
13234132341079Not available
13236132361182132361250LEVER-COMP,GOVERNOR KX125-F1
EUR 5.27
14026140261136140261158COVER-CHAIN KDX200-C3
EUR 12.85
14031140311218Not available
14032140321243Not available
14032a140321244Not available
1611516115018PLUG,OIL FILLER KH100-A4
EUR 5.13
16142161421085Not available
EUR 2.87
49006490061202BOOT KX250-E1
EUR 5.56
49111491111051HOLDER-GOVERNOR WEIGH KX125-D1
EUR 31.77
49114a491141061Not available
49114491141058SHAFT-GOVERNOR KX500-B2
EUR 13.64
52005520051055520050019GAUGE,OIL LEVEL KX60-B1
EUR 7.76
52014520141067ELBOW KX60-B4
EUR 7.10
59051590511192GEAR-SPUR,GOVERNOR KX250-F1
EUR 6.32
59256592561067IMPELLER KX125-F1
EUR 3.88
92002920021403921501888BOLT,SOCKET,4X8 KX125-D1
EUR 1.26
92015920151193922101514NUT,FLANGED,6MM Z750-Y1
EUR 0.14
92022a920221488WASHER,8.2X14X1 KL600-A1
EUR 1.98
92022920221380WASHER,5.2X13X1 KX80-E1
EUR 1.80
92026920261238SPACER,15X28X1 KX125-D1
EUR 3.81
92027920271839COLLAR,15.2X17X4 KX125-D1
EUR 5.60
92043a920431256PIN,3X12.8 KX125-D1
EUR 1.76
92043c920431319PIN,3X19.8 KMX125-A1
EUR 1.69
9204392042007PIN-DOWEL Z750-L1
EUR 2.73
92043b920431293PIN,2X9.8 KX125-D1
EUR 2.69
92045920451212920451305BEARING-BALL KX125-F1
EUR 7.64
92046920461052BEARING-NEEDLE,AXK110 ZX750-A1
EUR 9.00
92049b920491207SEAL-OIL,SDO8144 KX125-D1
EUR 4.63
92049a920491081920491366SEAL-OIL,A9567 KX125-B1
EUR 9.01
9204992049013OIL SEAL,SB18307 W1
EUR 6.82
92055920551343920551339RING-O KX500-B2
EUR 1.94
92143921431001COLLAR KX125-E1
EUR 10.55

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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