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Kawasaki KLE500 1992 CRANKCASE

Below you will find the technical drawing for a CRANKCASE, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki KLE500 1992 CRANKCASE for a 1992 Kawasaki KLE500

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
EUR 1.76
670a670B2010O RING,10MM G
EUR 0.54
670b670B2021'O' RING,21MM
EUR 1.94
11009a110091344GASKET,OIL PIPE,8.2X1 VN1500-D
EUR 0.75
11009110091105GASKET,10X14.5X1.5 ZX750-E1
EUR 2.87
12053120531216GUIDE-CHAIN,LWR EX500-A1
EUR 23.65
12053a120531217GUIDE-CHAIN,UPP EX500-A1
EUR 23.65
14001140011082Not available
14001b140011091SET-CRANKCASE KLE500-A1
EUR 1451.98
1401314013004RING-BEARING SETTING Z750-L1
EUR 4.92
14044140441073HOLDER-CABLE KLE500-A1
EUR 7.14
32033320331530PIPE EN450-A1
EUR 30.36
32033a320331535PIPE EN450-A1
EUR 6.35
32033b320331538PIPE EN450-A1
EUR 18.34
32033c320331539PIPE EN450-A1
EUR 23.26
32033d320331574PIPE EN450-A1
EUR 29.57
32102321021541PIPE EX500-A1
EUR 20.67
32102a321021710PIPE EN450-A3
EUR 60.33
4204642046008WASHER-SHOCK ABSORBER Z1300-A3
EUR 1.69
92002920021429BOLT,BANJO,8X20 EN450-A1
EUR 4.74
92002a920021467BOLT EN450-A1
EUR 13.46
92002b920021471BOLT,BANJO,6X28 EN450-A1
EUR 9.19
92002c920021473BOLT,BANJO,6X19 EN450-A1
EUR 5.67
92002d920021563921501868BOLT,6X12 EN450-A1
EUR 1.26
92002e920021569BOLT,6X12 EN450-A1
EUR 1.80
92002f920021570BOLT,6X16 EN450-A1
EUR 1.98
92002g920021571BOLT,6X16 EN450-A1
EUR 1.98
92002h920021656BOLT, 6 X 14 ZG1200-A1
EUR 1.98
92002i920021809BOLT EN400-A2
EUR 6.96
92002j920021941BOLT,BANJO,10X30 EX500-A1
EUR 4.59
92037920371679CLAMP ZG1000-A1
EUR 2.41
9204292042016920431690PIN-DOWEL,6MM Z750-L1
EUR 2.26
92043a920431264PIN,DOWEL,8.2X10X14 EN450-A1
EUR 0.22
92043920431263PIN,DOWEL,6.2X8X14 EN450-A1
EUR 0.14
92049920491070920491567SEAL-OIL,AE2343F0 ZX900-A1
EUR 8.22
9205592055048'0'RING,18MM ZX1100-A1
EUR 1.76
92055a92055074O RING KZ400
EUR 3.98
9206592065096GASKET,FUEL COCK Z400-D3
EUR 1.98
92066920661205PLUG,MAIN GALLRY EN450-A1
EUR 13.32
92066a920661208PLUG,RCA 345.5 EN450-A1
EUR 7.07
92075920751678DAMPER,L=79.5 EN450-A1
EUR 24.88
92075a920751679DAMPER,L=93 EN450-A1
EUR 24.88
92075b920751742DAMPER EN450-A1
EUR 2.41
92150921501826BOLT,6X12 EX500-D1
EUR 1.65

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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