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Kawasaki ZZ-R250 1994 RADIATOR

Below you will find the technical drawing for a RADIATOR, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki ZZ-R250 1994 RADIATOR for a 1994 Kawasaki ZZ-R250

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
130b130J0635130BB0635BOLT-FLANGED,6X35 Z550-H1
EUR 2.23
130130C0610130BB0610BOLT-FLANGED,6X10,BLA ZX750-A1
EUR 1.08
130a130J0625130BB0625BOLT-FLANGED,6X25 Z550-H1
EUR 1.26
132132G0612132BA0612BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL Z750-P3
EUR 0.75
132a132G0625920021609BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KL600-A1
EUR 1.98
132b132J0612920021569BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KL250-D2
EUR 1.80
132c132J0616920021570BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL ZX1000-A1
EUR 1.98
132d132J0630921501021BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KLF300-A1
EUR 1.80
186186C0616BOLT-UPSET-WP AR125-A2
EUR 1.80
670a670B2018'O' RING 18MM G
EUR 0.54
670670B2016'O' RING,16 ZX900-A1
EUR 0.57
671671D2535O RING EX250-F2
EUR 2.69
11009110091145GASKET,RESERVE TANK ZX900-A1
EUR 0.61
11012110121084Not available
14024140241232COVER,THERMOSTAT UPP EX250-F2
EUR 32.05
14037140371078SCREEN EX250-F2
EUR 32.05
14075140751061CAP-ASSY ZX400-D1
EUR 94.35
16160161601110161600044BODY,THERMOSTAT EX250-F2
EUR 21.82
16160A161601151161601359BODY VN1500-D1
EUR 4.67
2112621126008CLAMP,WIRING HARNESS Z750-L1
EUR 1.98
27010270101304SWITCH,THERMOSTAT EX500-A5
EUR 44.94
32150321501143391920129PIPE EL250-A2
EUR 38.01
39060390601087RADIATOR EX250-F2
EUR 474.75
39062g390621293390621298HOSE-COOLING ZX600-A5
EUR 3.98
39062i390621382HOSE-COOLING,VALVE-PU ZX900-A7
EUR 2.69
39062j390621383HOSE-COOLING,CARBURET ZX750-H2
EUR 2.23
39062b390621170HOSE-COOLING,HEAD-THE EX250-F2
EUR 9.33
39062c390621171HOSE-COOLING,CAP-THER EX250-F2
EUR 18.88
39062d390621172390621256HOSE-COOLING,RADIATOR EX250-F2
EUR 12.60
39062e390621173HOSE-COOLING,RADIATOR EX250-F2
EUR 7.43
39062f390621246HOSE-COOLING,PUMP-CYL EL250-B2
EUR 5.10
39062390621007390620080HOSE-COOLING,RESERVIR AR125-A1
EUR 17.94
39062h390621314HOSE-COOLING,FILTER-C ZX750-F2
EUR 5.10
39062a390621028390620080HOSE-COOLING EX250-F2
EUR 17.94
39192a391921038PIPE-WATER EX250-F3
EUR 12.27
39192391921022Not available
43078430781070430780009RESERVOIR EX250-F2
EUR 21.82
49019490191068FILTER-FUEL VN1500-D1
EUR 3.12
49044490441064490441086PUMP-WATER EX250-F2
EUR 173.50
49054490541058THERMOSTAT EX250-F2
EUR 29.40
49085490851066CAP-ASSY-PRESSURE KDX200-E6
EUR 16.40
49116491161081VALVE-ASSY VN1500-D1
EUR 63.61
59502595021066FAN-ASSY EX250-F2
EUR 320.08
92001920011516BOLT,W/WASHER,6X12 KX80-D2
EUR 2.23
92005920051145FITTING,CYLINDER EX250-F2
EUR 14.42
92015920151487NUT KX250-D1
EUR 1.80
92022920221976WASHER,6.2X6.2X1.0 ZX1000-B1
EUR 2.73
9203792037147CLAMP,CHAIN OILER Z1000-J1
EUR 3.09
92055a920551432RING-O EL250-B2
EUR 5.10
9205592055091""0"" RING Z1300-A3
EUR 2.69
92059920591979921901269TUBE EX250-F2
EUR 2.15
92066920661183PLUG,SENSOR WATER ZX900-A1
EUR 34.49
92075A920751728DAMPER,CARRIER KLF185-A1
EUR 3.66
92075920751665DAMPER VN750-A2
EUR 3.05
92143921431063COLLAR VN1500-A2
EUR 3.84
92150921501186BOLT ZX1000-B1
EUR 1.80
92150a921501562BOLT, FLANGED 6X18 EL250-E1
EUR 1.80
92170A921701118CLAMP VN1500-D1
EUR 3.52
92170B921701201CLAMP VN1500-D1
EUR 2.23
92170D921702042CLAMP VN1500-D1
EUR 0.61
92170921701033CLAMP,COOLING HOSE AR125-B5
EUR 7.50
92170c921701286921710261CLAMP ZX400-G1
EUR 9.98

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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