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Kawasaki ZXR400 Parts & Spares – Only Genuine Parts Sold – Guaranteed.

Buy original, new parts for a Kawasaki ZXR400 motorcycle from Europe’s Number 1 spare parts provider - MSP. 

Model Description
Pocket-rocket four-cylinder junior superbike that as a class briefly became hugely popular during the height of the ‘grey import’ boom (when domestic market Japanese machines, often 400s which were encouraged through local licensing laws, were individually imported to Europe) in the mid-‘90s. Even more briefly some were officially imported, too, along them Yamaha’s FZR400, Honda’s ‘junior RC30’, the NC30 and this, Kawasaki’s glorious junior ZXR750, the ZXR400. The four-cylinder screamed to 14,000rpm, the small, perfectly formed chassis handled exquisitely and fun was had in bucket loads. Most have been thrashed to bits by now, however.
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