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Kawasaki ZX-10 1989 CARBURETOR

Below you will find the technical drawing for a CARBURETOR, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki ZX-10 1989 CARBURETOR for a 1989 Kawasaki ZX-10

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
220220D0514220AA0514SCREW-PAN-CROS ZX750-F1 € 1.69
223223C0414223AB0414SCREW-PAN-WS-CROS ZX550-A1 Uk € 1.87
13168131681405LEVER,STARTER ZX1000-B1 € 72.47
13169131691965PLATE,STARTER CABLE ZX600-A1 € 18.34
13183131831321PLATE,CARBURETOR,STAY ZX1000-B € 47.45
13183a131831322Not available
13183b131831323Not available Uk
13183c131831452Not available Uk
13183d131831453Not available Uk
15001150011506Not available Uk
15001a150011507Not available Sd, Wg
15001b150011538Not available Ar
15001c150011539Not available St
15001d150011540Not available Fr
15001e150011543Not available Eu, Gr, It, Nr, Sp
15002150021721Not available Uk
15002a150021722Not available Uk
15002b150021723Not available Uk
15002c150021724Not available Uk
15002d150021725Not available Sd, Wg
15002e150021726Not available Sd, Wg
15002f150021727Not available Sd, Wg
15002g150021728Not available Sd, Wg
15002h150021729Not available Ar
15002i150021730Not available Ar
15002j150021731Not available Ar
15002k150021732Not available Ar
15002l150021733Not available St
15002m150021734Not available St
15002n150021735Not available St
15002o150021736Not available St
15002p150021737Not available Fr
15002q150021738Not available Fr
15002r150021739Not available Fr
15002s150021740Not available Fr
15002t150021749Not available Eu, Gr, It, Nr, Sp
15002u150021750Not available Eu, Gr, It, Nr, Sp
15002v150021751Not available Eu, Gr, It, Nr, Sp
15002w150021752Not available Eu, Gr, It, Nr, Sp
16021160211131SCREW-THROTTLE STOP ZX1000-B1 € 64.43
92001920011998BOLT,THROTTLE ADJUST ZX900-A1 € 8.25
92005b920051157920051310FITTING ZX750-F1 Ar, Eu, Fr, Gr, It, Nr, Sd, Sp, St, Wg € 17.18
92005c920051179FITTING,T-TYPE ZX1000-B1 Ar, Eu, Fr, Gr, It, Nr, Sd, Sp, St, Wg € 17.29
92005920051119920051135FITTING,T-TYPE VN750-A2 Uk € 11.08
92005e920051191Not available Uk
92005f920051192Not available Uk
92005g920051193Not available Uk
92005d920051190FITTING,T-TYPE ZX1000-B2 Uk € 12.89
92005a920051125FITTING,T-TYPE ZX900-A1 € 11.66
92009920091262SCREW ZX900-A1 € 2.73
92009b920091446920091632SCREW,4X18 EX250-F2 € 2.41
92009a920091365SCREW KL250-D2 € 3.09
92015920151259NUT,FLANGED,5MM ZX550-A1 € 1.69
92022920221199WASHER,6.1X11X0.8 Z750-L1 € 1.83
92022a920221480WASHER,PLAIN,STOP SPR ZX900-A1 € 2.23
92055b920551427RING-O,4.5X1.5 ZX1000-B1 Uk € 2.23
92055c920551454RING-O ZX1000-B2 Uk € 2.55
92055a920551223RING-O,FUEL FITTING ZX900-A1 Uk € 2.41
92055920551004""O"" RING Z750-L1 Ar, Eu, Fr, Gr, It, Nr, Sd, Sp, St, Wg € 1.76
92055a920551223RING-O,FUEL FITTING ZX900-A1 Ar, Eu, Fr, Gr, It, Nr, Sd, Sp, St, Wg € 2.41
92059920591139920591001Not available Ar, Eu, Fr, Gr, It, Nr, Sd, Sp, St, Wg
92059a920591975Not available
92059b920591976921901038Not available Uk
92059c920591977921901038Not available Uk
92081920811620SPRING,THROTTLE ADJUS ZX900-A1 € 2.23
92081C920811762SPRING,STARTER LEVER ZX900-A1 € 10.55
92081A920811621SPRING,THROTTLE ADJUS ZX900-A1 € 2.23
92081b920811622SPRING,THROTTLE ADJUS ZX900-A1 € 4.92
92143921431265COLLAR,4X5.2X9.6 ZX1000-B1 € 2.23
92150921501211BOLT,5X305 ZX1000-B1 € 14.39
92170a921701054CLAMP,TUBE ZX1000-B1 Ar, Eu, Fr, Gr, It, Nr, Sd, Sp, St, Wg € 3.27
92170921701051CLAMP,TUBE ZX1000-B2 Uk € 4.02
92170a921701054CLAMP,TUBE ZX1000-B1 Uk € 3.27
92190921901027Not available Uk
92190a921901029Not available Uk
92190b921901030921901038Not available Uk
92190c921901031921901038Not available Uk
92190d921901032Not available Uk
92190e921901033921901038Not available Uk
92190f921901043Not available Uk

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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