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Kawasaki ZG1200-B1 1990 COWLING LOWERS

Below you will find the technical drawing for a COWLING LOWERS, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki ZG1200-B1 1990 COWLING LOWERS for a 1990 Kawasaki ZG1200-B1

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
130130B0530BOLT-FLANGED FA076D-AB1
EUR 0.56
130a130C0616130BB0616BOLT-FLANGED,6X16 ZN1300-A3
EUR 1.00
130b130C0835Check Availabilty
224224B0514224AA0514SCREW-PAN-WP-CROS KX60-B1
EUR 1.93
235235C0412235AB0412SCREW-PAN-WP-CROS ZX750-P1
EUR 1.24
11045110451410Check Availabilty
11045a110451934Check Availabilty
11045b110451935Check Availabilty
13227132271012HOUSING, SHUTTER ZG1200-A1
EUR 6.94
14024140241183Check Availabilty
14024a140241185CVR,COWL INNER RH ZG1200-A1
EUR 78.03
14024b140241191COVER, TRANSCEIVER ZG1200-A1
EUR 14.81
14024c140241200COVER,FAIRING POCKET ZG1200-A1
EUR 53.32
14024d140241304COVER,AMPLIFIER ZG1200-A1
EUR 6.98
14024e140241478COVER,COWLING, INNER, ZG1200-B
EUR 78.03
14024f140241480COVER,FAIRING POCKET ZG1200-B1
EUR 82.05
32085320851271Check Availabilty
32099320991103CASE, CASSETTE ZG1200-B1
EUR 21.83
39031390311058Check Availabilty
39145391451085TRIM-SEAL,FAIRING POC ZG1200-B
EUR 3.55
42024420241002SHUTTER,LOUVER ZG1200-A1
EUR 12.27
53009530091062HINGE,SIDE BAG ZG1200-A1
EUR 16.20
53044530441159TRIM,COWLING,LWR ZG1200-A1
EUR 12.70
53044a530441161TRIM,INNER COWLING ZG1200-A1
EUR 14.08
55028d550281109COWLING,INNER,RH ZG1200-A1
EUR 134.68
55028g550281170COWLING,INNER,LH ZG1200-B1
EUR 104.08
55028550281106GACheck Availabilty
55028b550281107GACheck Availabilty
55028e550281169GACheck Availabilty
92009a920091288921720004SCREW,6X14 ZX750-E1
EUR 1.19
92009920091040SCREW,TAPPING,4X10 Z750-L1
EUR 1.77
92009b920091445920091655SCREW ZX400-H2
EUR 1.93
92015a920151217NUT,6MM,BLACK Z750-P1
EUR 2.93
92015c920151598Check Availabilty
92015d920151599NUT,BRACKET,4MM ZG1200-A1
EUR 4.40
92015e920151710NUT ZX400-F1
EUR 2.93
92015920151183922100004NUT,FLANGED,8MM,BLACK Z750-R1
EUR 0.66
92015b920151259NUT,FLANGED,5MM ZX550-A1
EUR 1.82
92022920221043110091105WASHER,10X14.5X1.6 Z400-B1
EUR 3.09
92022a920221521WASHER,NYLON,5.3X11.5 ZX750-A2
EUR 1.85
92075920751961DAMPER,FAIRING POCKET ZG1200-B
EUR 5.17
92093920931211SEAL,FAIRING POCKET ZG1200-A1
EUR 4.01

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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