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Kawasaki ZEPHYR 1100 1992 AIR CLEANER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a AIR CLEANER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki ZEPHYR 1100 1992 AIR CLEANER for a 1992 Kawasaki ZEPHYR 1100

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
224224C0614224AB0614SCREW-PAN-WP-CROS AR50-C2
EUR 1.80
224A224C0620920091325SCREW-PAN-WP-CROS ZX1000-A1
EUR 1.69
11012110121803Not available
11013110131221ELEMENT-AIR FILTER ZR1100-A1
EUR 19.20
11038110381085CASE-ASSY-AIR FILTER, ZR1100-A
EUR 128.99
11038b110381101Not available
13091130911786HOLDER,ELEMENT ZR1100-A1
EUR 7.00
14073140731637DUCT,AIR FILTER ZR1100-A4
EUR 9.19
14090140901214COVER,AIR CLEANER ZR1100-A1
EUR 11.41
14090A140901566COVER,LH ZR1100-A4
EUR 66.18
14090B140901567COVER,RH ZR1100-A4
EUR 66.18
16126161261144VALVE,AIR SWITCH ZX900-A5
EUR 113.29
39162391621076SILENCER-INTAKE,HOLDE ZR1100-A
EUR 7.00
EUR 8.11
92002920021881BOLT, 6X43 ZG1200-A1
EUR 2.73
92005920051017FITTING,TUBE Z1000-H1
EUR 4.84
92009920091040SCREW,TAPPING,4X10 Z750-L1
EUR 1.65
92009a920091264SCREW,TAPPING,5X16 EN450-A1
EUR 0.14
92009b920091499SCREW,TAPPING,5X10 ZR1100-A1
EUR 2.41
92026920261473Not available
92027920271222COLLAR,6.5X12X33 AIR KAF540-C1
EUR 6.28
92037B920371712CLAMP KX80-G1
EUR 2.23
92037C92037213CLAMP, BREATHER TUBE KL250-A4
EUR 1.80
92037920371076CLAMP KZ700-A1
EUR 2.73
92037a920371460921711571CLAMP ZX750-E1
EUR 4.81
92059920591032920591916TUBE,4X9X190M/M ZX900-A5
EUR 9.47
92059A920591033920591916TUBE,4X9X155 KZ700-A1
EUR 9.47
92059B920591043920591846TUBE,TUBE 4X9X290 Z1000-H1
EUR 4.92
92066920661211PLUG ER500-A1
EUR 3.95
92071920711028920711042GROMMET AIR FILTER KZ1100-B2
EUR 3.05
92081920811457SPRING,COIL,BLACK Z750-R1
EUR 4.92
92093a920931337SEAL,AIR FILTER CAP ZR1100-A1
EUR 3.66
92093920931276SEAL ZX750-H1
EUR 5.49
92093B920931338SEAL,AIR FILTER ZR1100-A1
EUR 5.42
92160921601337DAMPER,AIR FILTER COV ZR1100-A
EUR 3.09
92160A921601338DAMPER,AIR FILTER COV ZR1100-A
EUR 3.09
92190921901089TUBE,7X10X400 ZX600-D1
EUR 7.11
92190B921901277TUBE ZR1100-A1
EUR 8.94
92190C921901278921911688TUBE ZR1100-A1
EUR 15.36
92190a921901276Not available

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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