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Kawasaki Z750 Parts & Spares – Only Genuine Parts Sold – Guaranteed.

Buy original, new parts for a Kawasaki Z750 motorcycle from Europe’s Number 1 spare parts provider - MSP. 

Model Description
‘Junior Z1000’, which lived from 2003 to 2012 in two different forms before being replaced by the all-new Z800 in 2013, was one of Kawasaki’s biggest successes of the early Noughties in being a decent (if slightly heavy) old school roadster four that offered a decent riding experience with lots of versatility at an almost unmatched price. Performance may not be a match for the likes of Triumph’s Street Triple, but it’s not that far behind and, value-wise, it’s got everything beat. And if you’re prepared to shell out for a bit more spec and performance, there’s the ‘R’ version from 2011-2012.
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