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Kawasaki Z1300 1989 CRANKCASE

Below you will find the technical drawing for a CRANKCASE, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki Z1300 1989 CRANKCASE for a 1989 Kawasaki Z1300

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
180180B0616180AA0616BOLT-UPSET-WS EX305-B2 € 0.22
552552B1012PIN,DOWEL,6.5X10X12 € 0.79
670670B2012'O' RING,12MM € 0.54
13045130451002Not available
14001140015169Not available
1401314013013RING-BEARING SET Z1000-J1 USE AS REQUIRED € 5.99
14013a140131004RING-POSITION,CRANK Z250-A3 USE AS REQUIRED € 2.23
14013b140131007Not available
2701016144006270101313SWITCH ASY,OIL PRSSUR Z650-D3 € 21.21
92002920021077BOLT,8X95 ZX1100-A2 € 4.74
9200492004062920041232STUD, 10X153 Z750-L1 € 8.83
92004a920041019Not available
9200514067006BREATHER JOINT Z440-A2 € 10.37
92022920221280WASHER,THRUST,20.5MM Z1300-A4 € 1.80
92022a920221388Not available
92022b920221389Not available
92028920281103Not available USE AS REQUIRED
92028a920281104Not available USE AS REQUIRED
92028b920281105Not available USE AS REQUIRED
92028c920281106Not available USE AS REQUIRED
92028d920281107Not available USE AS REQUIRED
92028e920281108Not available USE AS REQUIRED
92043a92042016920431690PIN-DOWEL,6MM Z750-L1 € 2.26
9204392042007PIN-DOWEL Z750-L1 € 2.73
92046920461042Not available
92048920481008Not available
92048a920481018Not available
92062a92062015920621081NOZZLE Z750-L1 € 2.87
9206292062011920621079NOZZLE,OIL Z750-L1 € 3.98

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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