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Kawasaki NINJA H2R 2015 REAR HUB

Below you will find the technical drawing for a REAR HUB, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki NINJA H2R 2015 REAR HUB for a 2015 Kawasaki NINJA H2R

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
671671B2555""O"" RING, 55MM KL600-A1
EUR 2.89
13227132270034HOUSING,RR ZX1000NFF
EUR 242.42
13272132721861PLATE ZX1000NFF
EUR 10.42
13304133045001HOUSING-ASSY,RR ZX1000NFF
EUR 406.35
41036410360679HUB-ASSY,RR ZX1000NFF
EUR 339.41
41068410680593410680615AXLE,RR,38.3X204.5 ZX1000NGF
EUR 432.92
4203442034074246T42034075246TCOUPLING,INSERT,F.W.M.GR ZX100
EUR 232.05
42034A42034074446TCOUPLING,F.W.M.GRAY ZX1000NFF
EUR 410.39
42036420360779SLEEVE,40X50X16.4 ZX1000NFF
EUR 74.45
42041420410153SPROCKET-HUB,42T ZX1000PFF
EUR 63.23
49030490300050HUB,RR ZX1000NFF
EUR 290.96
4905849058062351HWHEEL,RR,F.BLACK ZX1000NFF
EUR 805.44
92015920151189NUT,LOCK,10MM,BLACK Z550-H1
EUR 3.32
92033920330753RING-SNAP,41X1.6 ZX1000NFF
EUR 6.29
92033A920330760RING-SNAP ZX1000NFF
EUR 7.29
92033B920331044CIRCLIP 62 M/M Z750-L1
EUR 5.90
92045920450802BEARING-BALL,40X60X12 ZX1000NF
EUR 31.88
92046920460617BEARING-NEEDLE,50X62X25 ZX1000
EUR 90.83
92049920490771SEAL-OIL,50X62X5 ZX1000NFF
EUR 10.19
92057920570636CHAIN,DRIVE,EK525RMXZ/3D ZX100
EUR 248.62
92058920580036JOINT-CHAIN ZX1000NFF
EUR 7.76
92154921541546BOLT,HUB,12X45 ZX1000NFF
EUR 6.41
92154A921541804BOLT,SPROCKET,10X24.3 ZX1000NF
EUR 21.83
92161921611286DAMPER,SHOCK,RR HUB ZX1200-B1
EUR 15.47
92200922000455WASHER,12.1X25X1.6 KAF950FDF
EUR 1.35
92200A922001764WASHER,35.1X56X1.6 ZX1000NFF
EUR 5.51
92200B922001770WASHER,10.2X18X1 ZX1000NFF
EUR 2.97
92210922100931NUT,12MM ZX1000NFF
EUR 31.01
92210A922101415NUT,RR AXLE,35MM ZX1000NFF
EUR 110.14

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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