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Kawasaki GPZ550 1987 TRANSMISSION

Below you will find the technical drawing for a TRANSMISSION, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki GPZ550 1987 TRANSMISSION for a 1987 Kawasaki GPZ550

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
132132G0608132BA0608BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KX125-D1
EUR 1.08
600600A0500BALL-STEEL,5/32' COMMON
EUR 0.11
13127131271008Not available
13127b131271151SHAFT-TRANSMISSION IN ZX400-F1
EUR 151.94
13128131281009Not available
13129b131291080Not available
13129c131291081Not available
13129d1312910835TH GEAR,OUTPUT,25T Z500-B3
EUR 95.93
13129f131291657131295004GEAR,INPUT 5TH,26T EN450-A1
EUR 74.11
131291312910771326015072ND GEAR,DRIVE,18T Z500-B3
EUR 55.91
13129a1312910781326015092ND GEAR,OUTPUT,32T Z500-B3
EUR 85.63
13129e131291564GEAR,OUTPUT LOW,36T ZR550-A2
EUR 84.84
13129g131291658131291859GEAR,INPUT TOP,27T EN450-A1
EUR 80.17
13129i131291659132601510GEAR,OUTPUT 3RD,29T EN450-A1
EUR 85.63
13129k131291660GEAR,OUTPUT 4TH,27T EN450-A1
EUR 80.17
13129l131291662131291858GEAR,OUTPUT TOP,23T EN450-A1
EUR 91.48
13129m131291846132601508GEAR,INPUT 3RD&4TH,21 EX500-A1
EUR 80.17
13144131441085Not available
13183131691658132701060PLATE,SPROCKET EX250-F2
EUR 3.70
92022920221072Not available
92022b92022112WASHER-THRUST Z750-L1
EUR 4.20
92022c920221139WASHER,LOCK,1.0T Z500-B3
EUR 2.73
92022d92022161WASHER-THRUST,25MM Z750-L1
EUR 5.13
92022f920221861WASHER,TOOTHED EX500-A1
EUR 2.73
92022g92024033WASHER-LOCK Z440-A2
EUR 3.09
92026a920261022SPACER,20.3X30X2T Z500-B3
EUR 2.23
92026920261022SPACER,20.3X30X2T Z500-B3
EUR 2.23
92027920271106Not available
92028b920281199BUSHING,INPUT SHAFT ZX750-A1
EUR 39.48
92028920281186Not available
92028d920281364BUSHING EN450-A1
EUR 17.04
92028e920281552BUSHING,INPUT TOP GEA EX500-A2
EUR 13.64
92028f92028180BUSHING,OUTPUT SFT Z750-L1
EUR 15.61
9203392033015CIRCLIP Z750-L1
EUR 1.80
92033b920331037SNAP RING,25.9X1.2T Z500-B3
EUR 1.98
92033A92033026CIRCLIP Z750-L1
EUR 4.20
9204592045035BRG,BALL,83993SH2-CS Z750-L1
EUR 43.72
92046920461030BEARING,VS20/14A Z750-L1
EUR 15.28
92046a920461030BEARING,VS20/14A Z750-L1
EUR 15.28
92046c920461045BEARING-NEEDLE,20V271 Z750-R1
EUR 17.03

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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