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Kawasaki GPZ500S 1988 ENGINE COVER(S)

Below you will find the technical drawing for a ENGINE COVER(S), beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki GPZ500S 1988 ENGINE COVER(S) for a 1988 Kawasaki GPZ500S

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
130130Y0612BOLT-FLANGED KL250-D2
EUR 0.19
132a132J0625921501779BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KL250-D2
EUR 1.93
132b132J0630921501021BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KLF300-A1
EUR 1.93
132132J0620921501010BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL KL250-D2
EUR 1.47
410410F0600410AB0600WASHER-PLANE-SMALL,6M Z750-P2
EUR 0.27
670670B2018'O' RING 18MM G
EUR 0.58
671671B2540O RING,40MM KL600-A1
EUR 2.89
11009110091484110610274GASKET,CLUTCH COVER EN450-A1
EUR 17.06
11009a110091485110601830GASKET,CHANGE MECHANI EN450-A1
EUR 4.25
11009b110091486110610273GASKET,GENERATOR EN450-A1
EUR 12.93
11009c92065058GASKET, 10,5X16X1 KH100-G2
EUR 1.82
11012a110121363CAP,TOP MARK KL600-A1
EUR 3.13
11012110121362CAP KL600-A1
EUR 4.51
12053120531215GUIDE-CHAIN EX500-A1
EUR 7.41
13151131511007131511080SWITCH,NEUTRAL Z500-B2
EUR 6.56
14024140241387COVER,CHANGE MECHANIS EX500-A1
EUR 60.10
14026140261128COVER-CHAIN EX500-A1
EUR 40.39
14031140311202COVER-GENERATOR EX500-A1
EUR 139.24
14032140321231140321386COVER-CLUTCH EX500-A1
EUR 157.60
16115161151009CAP-OIL FILLER ZX900-A1
EUR 7.68
52005520051009GAUGE,OIL LEVEL Z250-A3
EUR 9.54
92027920271858COLLAR EN450-A1
EUR 2.59
92046920461010920460034BEARING,NEEDLE,HK1210 Z440-A2
EUR 12.57
92049920491271SEAL, OIL ZL600-A1
EUR 5.41
92049a92051005OIL SEAL ZX900-A1
EUR 4.05
9205592055049'0'RING,31MM ZX900-A1
EUR 1.89
92075920751681DAMPER EN450-A1
EUR 2.59

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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