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Kawasaki GPX750R 1989 COWLING

Below you will find the technical drawing for a COWLING, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki GPX750R 1989 COWLING for a 1989 Kawasaki GPX750R

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
130a130J0625130BB0625BOLT-FLANGED,6X25 Z550-H1 € 1.26
130130J0610130BB0610BOLT-FLANGED ZX900-A1 € 1.08
11012110121570Not available
11045110451270Not available
11045a110451412Not available
11045b110451413Not available
14024140241380Not available
14024a140241381Not available
14024b140241417Not available
14024c140241418Not available
14024d140241677H8Not available
14024e140241677R1Not available Areunruk
14024f140251756COVER,WINDSHIELD END ZX900-A1 € 3.09
39154391541092Not available
53044530441177Not available
53044a530441195Not available
55048550485100S3Not available Nruk
55048a550485101S3Not available Nruk
55048b550485103J3Not available Nruk
55048c550485104J3Not available Nruk
55048d550485143J3Not available Eufr
55048e550485144J3Not available Eufr
55048f550485145S3Not available Eu
55048g550485146S3Not available Eu
55048h550485147J3Not available Ar
55048i550485148J3Not available Ar
55048j550485149S3Not available Ar
55048k550485150S3Not available Ar
560015600112936CNot available Eufruk
56001a5600112946CNot available Eufruk
56001b5600113256CNot available Arnr
56001c5600113266CNot available Arnr
92002920021514921501553BOLT,SOCKET,6X18,BLAC ZX1000-A € 2.73
92002a920021884BOLT,6X12 ZX750-F1 € 1.69
92009920091335920091651SCREW,5X10 ZX900-A1 € 1.69
92009a920091383920091653SCREW,5X14 ZX1000-A1 € 1.69
92009b920091453920091656SCREW,5X20 ZG1000-A1 € 1.69
92015920151183922100004NUT,FLANGED,8MM,BLACK Z750-R1 € 0.61
92015a920151343NUT,5MM,COWLING ZX900-A1 € 1.72
92015b920151367922101514NUT,FLANGED,6MM EX305-B2 € 0.14
92015c920151640920151757NUT ZX750-F1 € 3.52
92015d920151710NUT ZX400-F1 € 2.73
92015e92018004NUT,LOCK,5MM Z750-L1 € 1.69
92022920221521WASHER,NYLON,5.3X11.5 ZX750-A2 € 1.72
92027920271450COLLAR,L=13.1,BLACK Z1100-B2 € 2.73
92075b920751751DAMPER ZL600-A1 € 6.85
92075920751634DAMPER ZX900-A1 € 1.94
92075a92075174RUBBER-FENDER COVER Z750-L1 € 1.76
92143921431226COLLAR ZX1000-B1 € 4.95

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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