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Kawasaki 1000GTR 1990 CLUTCH

Below you will find the technical drawing for a CLUTCH, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki 1000GTR 1990 CLUTCH for a 1990 Kawasaki 1000GTR

List of parts

CART TOTAL (0 items)

Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
120120Q0616920021166BOLT,SOCKET,6X16 ZX750-E1
USD 4.37
481481J9500CIRCLIP ZG1000-A1
USD 17.04
482482J0200CIRCLIP-TYPE-E,12MM ZX550-A1
USD 2.37
13048130481007DAMPER Z1000-E2
USD 72.92
13087130871071HUB-CLUTCH ZG1000-A1
USD 164.67
13087a130871072HUB-CLUTCH ZG1000-A1
USD 398.08
13088130881051PLATE-FRICTION ZX1100-A1
USD 14.17
13089130891004PLATE,CLUTCH STEEL Z1000-J1
Use As Required
USD 7.18
13089a130891067PLATE-CLUTCH,T=2.6 ZL600-A1
Use As Required
USD 7.18
13089b130891068PLATE-CLUTCH,T=2.0 ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 7.18
13091130911041HOLDER CLUTCH SPRING Z1000-E2
USD 8.59
13095130951146HOUSING-COMP-CLUTCH ZX1000-A1
USD 460.63
13107131071266131071299SHAFT,CLUTCH ZX1100-C3
USD 62.49
13116131161119ROD-PUSH,CLUTCH ZG1000-A1
USD 27.32
13116a131161140131160006ROD-PUSH,CLUTCH ZG1000-A18
USD 25.72
13187131871055PLATE-CLUTCH OPERATIN ZG1000-A
USD 62.49
13231132311067132311072RELEASE-ASSY-CLUTCH ZG1000-A1
USD 113.82
13256132561052PISTON ZG1000-A1
USD 45.62
16085160851108GEAR,OIL PUMP ZX900-A1
USD 124.45
39130391301054SPRING-LEAF ZG1000-A1
USD 11.09
43056430561052430561056BREATHER-BRAKE AR125-B8
USD 10.18
43057430571001CAP-BREATHER KH125-K1
USD 3.15
43058430581059RING ZG1000-A1
USD 12.28
92002a920021639BOLT,CLUTCH ZL600-A1
USD 7.03
92002920021344921540497BOLT,FLANGED,6X25 EJ800ABF
USD 1.15
92022c920221750WASHER ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 5.68
92022d920221751WASHER ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 5.68
92022e920221752WASHER ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 5.68
92022f920221753WASHER ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 5.68
92022g920221754WASHER ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 5.68
92022h920221755WASHER ZG1000-A1
Use As Required
USD 5.68
92022920221114WASHER,LOCK Z1000-E2
USD 10.44
92022a920221221WASHER,CLUTCH THRUST Z1000-K1
USD 10.44
92022b920221463WASHER,15,1X29X1.0 ZX1100-A1
USD 3.15
92026920261043SPACER,3.5X59X70 Z1000-E2
USD 19.31
92026a920261263SPACER,CLUTCH RELEASE ZX900-A2
USD 11.74
92026c920261307SPACER ZX900-A4
USD 12.28
92026b920261306SPACER ZX900-A4
USD 12.28
92027920271710COLLAR ZX900-A1
USD 72.92
92046920461052BEARING-NEEDLE,AXK110 ZX750-A1
USD 12.81
92049920491165SEAL-OIL,PISTON ZX900-A1
USD 13.59
92081920811114SPRING,CLUTCH Z1000-E2
USD 4.08
92081a920811906SPRING ZG1000-A1
USD 22.81
92144921441084SPRING,CLUTCH RELEASE ZG1000-A
USD 5.63

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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