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Kawasaki 1000GTR 1987 BALANCER

Below you will find the technical drawing for a BALANCER, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Kawasaki 1000GTR 1987 BALANCER for a 1987 Kawasaki 1000GTR

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
112112G0616112BA0616BOLT UPSET,6X16 COMMON
EUR 0.47
115115G0820115BA0820BOLT,8X20 COMMON
EUR 1.51
120120P0612120CA0612BOLT,SOCKET,6X12 Z1300-A1
EUR 0.79
132132W0616920021570BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL ZX900-A1
EUR 1.98
132a132W0620921501010BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL ZX900-A1
EUR 1.37
315315G1600315BA1600NUT-HEX-FINE ZX900-A1
EUR 1.98
EUR 0.79
601601A6203601B6203BEARING BALL,#6203C3 COMMON
EUR 7.14
12046120461083SPROCKET,GENERATOR ZG1000-A1
EUR 69.74
13041130411064BALANCER ZX1000-A1
EUR 86.83
13061130611183BOSS,SPROCKET ZG1000-A1
EUR 41.95
13061a130611191Not available
13107131071108SHAFT ZX900-A1
EUR 124.76
13168131681236LEVER ZX900-A1
EUR 16.65
13194131941067131941086CLUTCH-ONEWAY ZG1000-A1
EUR 60.33
13234132341072SHAFT-COMP,BALNCER ZG1000-A2
EUR 125.96
16085a160851173GEAR,ONEWAY CLUTCH ZG1000-A1
EUR 73.17
16085160851139GEAR,BALANCER ZX1000-A1
EUR 100.57
42034420341055COUPLING ZX900-A1
EUR 46.44
42034a420341056COUPLING ZX900-A1
EUR 41.95
92022a920221518WASHER,8X22X3 ZX900-A1
EUR 1.98
92022b920221519WASHER,16X26X2 ZX900-A1
EUR 2.41
92022920221517WASHER,6X19.5X2 ZX900-A1
EUR 1.04
92022c92022225WASHER-THRUST Z440-A2
EUR 2.41
92026a920261214920261265SPACER,BALANCER ZX900-A1
EUR 20.67
92026b920261223SPACER,21.3X26X1 ZX900-A1
EUR 3.09
92026920261213SPACER,21.3X24.3X1.5 ZX900-A1
EUR 2.73
92026C920261271SPACER ZG1000-A1
EUR 20.67
92046b920461109BEARING-NEEDLE,RNA490 ZX900-A1
EUR 33.39
92046c920461155BEARING-NEEDLE ZX1000-A1
EUR 19.08
92046920461022BEARING,NEDL,K253020S Z1000-J1
EUR 15.28
92046a920461105BEARING-NEEDLE,K21X25 ZX900-A1
EUR 14.49
92048920481065RACE ZG1000-A1
EUR 50.50
92049920491174920491569SEAL-OIL,S192705 ZX900-A1
EUR 4.06
92075920751709DAMPER,BALANCER ZX1000-A1
EUR 2.23
92075a920751790DAMPER,COUPLING ZX900-A3
EUR 4.52
92075b920751810DAMPER,COUPLING ZG1000-A1
EUR 4.52

CART TOTAL (0 items)

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