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Honda CR250R 1988 F-17-3 REAR CUSHION

Below you will find the technical drawing for a F-17-3 REAR CUSHION, beneath the drawing is a complete list of all the applicable parts and prices to order online

Honda CR250R 1988 F-17-3 REAR CUSHION for a 1988 Honda CR250R

List of parts

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Ref. No. Part. No. Replaced Part No. Description Remarks Price (per part) Required
152400KS7841Check Availabilty
252403KS7305Check Availabilty
252401KS7831Check Availabilty
252402KS7305Check Availabilty
352410KS7841Check Availabilty
452418KA4831Not available
552419KS7701Check Availabilty
652421KS7831Check Availabilty
752422KS7701ADJUSTER, SPRING € 22.88
852423KS7701NUT, ADJUSTER € 13.43
952424KS7701Check Availabilty
1052425KS7831Check Availabilty
1152425381771CAP, AIR VALVE € 4.75
1252426KS7831Check Availabilty
1352427KS7701Not available
1452428KA4832PLATE, END (SHOWA) € 10.48
1552429ML3841CASE COMP., ROD GUIDE € 19.89
1652431KA4831RING, PISTON € 9.58
1752435KS7831RING, STOPPER € 2.26
1852436ML3305Not available
1952437KA4841O-RING SET € 7.73
2052438KA4741NUT, HEX., 12MM € 1.95
2152440KS7831Check Availabilty
2252442KS7820Check Availabilty
2352448KS7003Not available
2452449ML3841Not available
2552451KS7831BLADDER € 16.14
2652452KS7831RING, STOPPER € 2.15
2752453KS7831CAP COMP., CHAMBER € 36.49
2852458KS7701Check Availabilty
2952460KS783152460KS7832Not available
3052463KS7830Not available
3152464KS7830Not available
3252470KS783152470KS7832Not available
3352473KS7830Not available
3452486KS7830Not available
3552487KA4831RING, STOPPER € 2.41
3687516KS6780Not available
3687516KS7771Check Availabilty
3790128KA383190128KA3730BOLT,FLANGE,12X10 € 18.15
3890129KS783190102KBS900Not available
3890129KS783290102KBS900Not available
3990130KS783190130KS7832Not available
3990130KS7832Not available
4090153KS7830Not available
4190154KA383090154HA8000BOLT,FLANG.10X52 € 5.24
4290304GA6003NUT, AXLE, 10MM € 3.01
4390306KA400390306181761 Check Availabilty
4491074GC4831M191077GC4831Not available
4591077KS7013BEARING, SPHERICAL, 10.1M € 21.58
4691078KS783291078KS7833Not available
4691078KS7833Not available
4791079KS7832Not available
4791079KS7833NEEDLE BRG € 16.68
4891254KS6003DUST SEAL, 20X26X4.5 (ARA € 6.52
4991256GE2003O-RING,19.8X2.4 € 3.14
5091256ML3841O-RING,13.5X1.5 € 2.26
5191261KS783191261KB7981DUST SEAL,18X25X5 € 7.21
5291351KS7003DUST SEAL, RR. CUSHION UP € 4.80
5391351KS7831Not available

CART TOTAL (0 items): € 0.00

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